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Spinnaker for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Achieving continuous deployment with Armory.

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Armory leverages Spinnaker to create a single path from production to the deployment target, regardless of whether organizations are deployment to Amazon EC2, Amazon EKS, Amazon ECS, or AWS Lambda.

  • Full lifecycle management, configuration, deployment, and updating of Spinnaker instances.
  • Pipelines as Code helps you store your pipelines in Git and manage them like you would manage code, including version control, templatization, and modularization.
  • Policy Engine powered by Open Policy Agent helps you meet compliance requirements based on custom policies you set.
  • Terraform integration allows you to use your existing Terraform scripts to plan and create infrastructure as part of a Spinnaker pipeline.
  • Armory Agent helps your organization scale to thousands of Kubernetes clusters for your largest applications while keeping your Kubernetes API secure.

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Get started with the AWS Armory Quick Start