Proof of Concept

Get one team on Armory's Platform for a flat fee of $5,000.

Armory will run an on-site or remote POC to successfully deploy one team's applications to production on our Platform.

We will identify, calculate and report on your team's success criteria such as: Deployment safety and velocity, time to production, reduction of manual judgments, ability to successfully roll back, calculate per-app SLAs, and automate canary deployments.

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Platform Pricing

Pay as you go monthly, or contact us for annual plans.

1 - 5
6 - 25
$250 per user
26 - 50
$225 per user
51 - 100
$200 per user
Over 100

Free Tier

Free forever, up to 5 users. We provide free users best-efforts Enterprise Support.

Pay As You Go

Simple and flexible monthly billing based on your active user seat licenses.

Prepaid Savings

We offer scaling discounts and do not charge user seat overages on prepaid contracts.

Enterprise Support

  • Monday - Friday 9am-5pm Pacific Time support via our customer portal ticketing system, email or phone
  • Tickets are responded to by the next business day
  • Best effort bug fixes to the open source Spinnaker project
  • Unlimited access to remote training and technical documentation resources

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