for unlimited users
Armory Spinnaker Installer
Installs Spinnaker in High Availability into your Kubernetes cluster
Armory Spinnaker Configurator
Guided configuration makes it quick & easy to configure Spinnaker in your environment
Armory Spinnaker
Extended (not forked) from OSS. Robust release mgmt. Monitoring, usage stats, logging
Enterprise-grade Pipelines as Code lets you define & manage pipelines in source control
Auto-calculate SLAs for each deployment pipeline using your APM metrics
1-Click App™
Spin up a new service with one button click, saving you hours or days wasted provisioning
Write & manage Dinghy files right from your command line interface
We notify you in Slack when your SLA is impacted by a deployment & let you roll it back

Ticket-Based Support Portal
Response within one business day, 9am-5pm Monday through Friday
Private Armory Slack Channel
Direct access to Armory engineers in a dedicated Slack channel
Open-Source Upstream Bug Fixes
Best-efforts bug fixes to the open source Spinnaker project
On-Demand Solutions Architect
Access to a Solutions Architect for up to 24 hours/month
24x7 One Hour Response for P0 Issues
Response within one hour for critical P0 blockers
99.95% SLA
Armory Service Level Agreement with 99.95% uptime & credits for SLA breakage

Free Team Plan

Free forever, for unlimited users. Try Armory for your team or company with no risk.

Pay As You Go

Simple and flexible monthly billing based on your active users.

Annual Savings

We offer annual discounts and do not charge user overages on prepaid contracts.

  • Kubernetes in AWS, including EKS
  • Kubernetes in GCP and GKE
  • Kubernetes in data centers on a case-by-case basis
  • EC2 installer for VPCs on AWS

Deployment Targets supported by Armory

  • Kubernetes: Supported by Armory on AWS & GCP, and data centers on a case-by-case basis
  • Amazon Web Services: EC2
  • GCP

Deployment Targets Supported by Open Source Community

  • AWS Lambda: Support by AWS
  • AWS ECS: Community support
  • Azure: Limited support by Microsoft
  • DC/OS: Limited community support
  • OpenStack: Community support
  • Oracle BMC: Support by Oracle
  • PCF: Support by Pivotal

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