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Spinnaker at Enterprise Scale

Enable your engineering teams to work more efficiently and produce more output so your business can innovate faster.

Armory modernizes the way companies deliver software through an open source approach with Spinnaker.

Open Source Approach

As a founding member of the Continuous Delivery Foundation, our mission is drive the adoption and mastery of Spinnaker.

Deep Spinnaker Expertise

Whether you're evaluating open source Spinnaker, or Armory's enterprise edition, our experts can help you get up and running successfully.

Enterprise Scalability

Deploy workloads to optimal targets across data centers and clouds, without impacting developer & business deployment workflows.

Extensibility and Flexibility

Built from the ground up to help you integrate more of your existing developer tools into Spinnaker.

Actionable Insights

A single-pane of glass view into your software delivery processes to ensure optimal performance of deployment pipelines.

Security & Compliance

Codify the necessary controls needed to meet stringent compliance requirements and regulations.

Evolve Your Software Delivery

Ship better software, faster so you can innovate faster with intelligent deployments.

Traditional Deployments
Evaluating Continuous Delivery
Continuous Delivery Adoption
Continuous Delivery Deployment
Intelligent Deployments
  • Data Center
  • Mutable Deployments
  • SSH into Prod
  • Deployments = Events
  • Manual & Error Prone
  • Lift & Shift to Cloud
  • Complicated Rollbacks
  • No Service Ownership
  • No Self-Service
  • Inconsistent Deploys
  • Non-Standardized
  • SLA Failures
  • Dedicated DevOps
  • Immutable Deploys
  • Confident Rollbacks
  • Manual Judgements
  • Manager Approvals
  • Strong Integration Test Coverage
  • Deploy Continuously in Background
  • Full Embrace of DevOps Culture
  • Monolith Apps into Microservices
  • App Teams Fully Self-Service
  • All Teams Deploy with Same Platform
  • Automated Canaries
  • Automated Rollbacks
  • Machine-Learning Powered Anomaly Detection
  • SLA Transparency on Per-App Basis
  • Chaos Engineering
  • Automated Dependency Analysis
  • Frequent Outages
  • 20+ Manual Steps
  • Weeks/Months to Deploy
  • 1-2 Deployments/Month
  • Some Outages
  • 10+ Manual Steps
  • Days/Weeks to Deploy
  • 2-10 Deployments/Month
  • Few Outages
  • 1-3 Manual Steps
  • Hours to Deploy
  • 10-20 Deployments/Month
  • Minimal Outages
  • 0 Manual Steps
  • Minutes to Deploy
  • 100+ Deployments/Month
  • Rare Outages
  • 0 Manual Steps
  • Minutes to Deploy
  • 1000+ Deployments/Month
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Get the Primer on Continuous Development

See why Netflix and other companies think continuous delivery helps manage risk in software development.

Never Heard of Spinnaker?

Spinnaker is the open-source, multi-cloud-native orchestration and workflow continuous delivery platform Netflix built and uses to deploy over 4,000 times per day.

Companies Supporting Spinnaker
Companies Running Spinnaker
Under Armour
Samsung SmartThings
“With Armory's Platform we've reduced years of accumulated tech debt, enabling us to deploy 10x faster and to significantly reduce infrastructure and operational costs.”
Brandon Leach, Sr. Engineering Manager, Lookout
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“Armory's Platform enables intuitive deploys that reflect and enforce best practices, with full automation when we want it, and a human hand when we need it.”
Avram Lyon, Director of Engineering, Scopely
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“With the help of Armory we migrated to Kubernetes on Google Cloud cutting our bills by 50%”
Richard Genthner, Lead DevOps Engineer, MakerBot
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