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Accelerate FedRAMP Compliance

Codify the necessary controls needed to meet stringent federal regulations and compliance requirements for FedRAMP.

Armory helps ensure that your software delivery practices meet the security standards set forth by the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP). Tapping into the power of Spinnaker, you can easily create a repeatable and reliable deployment process that codifies the delivery of software from concept to production in a transparent, secure, and scalable manner.

  • A Holistic View

    Spinnaker provides a single pane-of-glass into your entire software delivery lifecycle so you can address inefficiencies, centralize governance, and establish the necessary internal controls.

  • Improve Deployment Velocity

    Built to support air-gapped environments like GovCloud, Spinnaker allows you to automate key deployment steps to eliminate human error and free up engineering resources.

  • Ensure Reliability & Security

    Minimize production deployment risks with complete visibility, deployment automation, and critical features like rollback to ensure optimal developer confidence.

Key Capabilities

Automated Security Patching

Automated patching across all of your applications to adhere to FedRAMP’s requirements to consistently patch issues and vulnerabilities every 30 days.

Change Management Auditing

Comprehensive end-end audit trail and analytics of all changes to software delivery across all of your applications.

Security Test Automation

Uncover vulnerabilities early and ensure your systems and data are protected from malicious players with automated security validation

Role-based Access Controls

Ensure the necessary access controls are in place to protect production applications from unauthorized actions.

Policy Enforcement

Enforce organizational policies within you software delivery pipelines to eliminate exposure to risk.

Disaster Recovery Automation

Create a resilient software delivery process with automated disaster recovery across all your applications.

A Trusted Partner Towards Compliance

We are committed to providing the support you need to meet the FedRAMP compliance standards at an accelerated pace.

Comprehensive Applications Assessments - We help you understand your current application configuration and change management, patch levels, and utilization.

Identify Control Gaps - We provide a deep roadmap that articulates FedRAMP control gaps and risks and what it takes to mitigate such risks with Spinnaker.

Map System Architecture to FedRAMP - We evaluate workload architecture against FedRAMP approved resources.

Proven Methodology - We partner with you to develop and implement a repeatable and reliable software delivery process that adheres and ensures continuous FedRAMP compliance with minimal maintenance overhead.

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