Resilient, Automated Deployments

Automated, intelligent software delivery to prevent outages and minimize the blast radius of bad deployments.

Keep your services up and your users happy.

Bad deployments and poor change management are among the leading causes of service downtime. Downtime can cost organizations millions of dollars per hour, not to mention the reputational cost of frustrated users. And the fact is, all of the best tests and checks in the world won’t prevent bad deployments.

Armory reduces the risk of bad deployments by using templatable, repeatable software delivery pipelines that enforce best practices throughout an organization. It also takes the next step of using sophisticated techniques such as Automated Canary Analysis to test new releases with small sets of users and minimize the impact of bad deployments, so that you can deploy with confidence.

1-Click Rollbacks

Simple, 1-click rollbacks in the event that new deployments are causing errors (assisted by monitoring and alerting through integrations with Datadog and others).

Blue/Green Deployments

Spin up and redirect to your new production environment without shutting down your old environment, and easily redirect traffic back if the new environment causes issues.

Automated Canary Analysis

Deploy your new code to limited groups of users before full release, with automated promotion or failure of the canary based on preselected metrics.

Infrastructure Management

Integrate Terraform with your Spinnaker pipelines to tightly couple your deployments and your infrastructure, eliminating configuration drift and improving reliability.

Built-in Best Practices

Armory comes out-of-the-box with the best practices from Netflix, Google, Armory, and the OSS community, to enable resilient deployments.

Automated Policy Enforcement

Automated policy enforcement ensures that each delivery pipeline is consistent with the security, compliance, and business policies that prevent outages.

Collaborate from Code to Cloud with Armory