Continuous Delivery Solutions for Reliable Deployments

Armory clears away the biggest roadblocks between you and seamless, resilient, continuous software delivery.

Multicloud & Hybrid Deployments

Armory abstracts away the complexities of delivering software to multiple cloud deployment targets, so you can build a single, consistent path to production that deploys to any and all clouds as well as Kubernetes running in the data center.

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DevSecOps & Compliance

Don’t let compliance and security needs impact software quality and deployment velocity. With Armory and Spinnaker, codify requirements directly into deployment pipelines to guarantee compliant, secure deployments.

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Deployment Resilience

Armory’s advanced deployment strategies ensure successful delivery, minimize the blast radius, and enable 1-click or automated rollbacks in the event of a bad update.

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Software Delivery Acceleration

Get software into production, where it was made to be, with increased velocity. With Spinnaker’s deployment pipelines, you can deploy instantly and never have to sacrifice speed for safety.

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Cloud & Kubernetes Migration

Make your transition to the cloud, to Kubernetes, or from one cloud to another, a reality. Armory helps you manage your Kubernetes clusters at scale.

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Developer Empowerment

Provide your devs with a purpose-built software delivery platform that gives them the visibility and control that they need to deploy and own their services from end to end; no infrastructure expertise required.

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Collaborate from Code to Cloud with Armory