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Free Proof of Concept

Jumpstart Your Continuous Delivery Initiative: Free Proof of Concept

If you’re seeking a continuous delivery platform at enterprise scale, look no further than Armory. Our platform extends the power of open source Spinnaker, while increasing stability, reliability, and adding enterprise-grade features, including:

  • Policy Driven Deployment (integrate with Open Policy Agent)
  • Pipeline as Code (GitOps)
  • Infrastructure Provision (with Terraform)

For a limited time, we’re offering a free, accelerated evaluation of Armory and Spinnaker to the first 10 qualified companies.*

What to expect:

  • 30-minute introductory meeting
  • 1-hour scoping meeting
  • 2-week (sprint) working session to set up and evaluate Armory and Spinnaker
  • Zoom and Slack communication with Armory team
  • No purchase required!

* qualification will be determined after introductory meeting.