We Take Security Seriously

Keep your business and customers secure while empowering collaboration and accelerating innovation and time-to-market

Secure Your Code at Runtime
and Assure Your Deployments

Assure the code you committed is the code that ends up in production, safely and securely.

Armory’s orchestration enables you to deploy your code to multiple environments, each with their own set of requirements. Requirements like running compliance and security scanners and only promoting to the next environment if the security scanners pass or like only promoting to the next environment or next step using a manual approval to do so.

All while safely sharing and versioning your code and configurations for faster, more reliable and secure deployments.

“Our deployment model requires approvals across multiple environments. As we roll out future projects, the simplicity of Armory will save us all the time we used to spend building custom processes.”

Steve Litras, Senior Director of IT & Security, Cribl

Secured Platform

Improve the user experience for your developers and adhere to company compliance guidelines by authenticating using standard corporate credentials.

Make potential attackers’ lives harder and reduce fraud risk by adding a second security layer to re-confirm your identity.

Rest assured that all network traffic is encrypted while in transit over HTTPS using TLS 1.2 encryption, while encryption at rest uses AES256 encryption.

Secure your code at runtime and rest easy with a secured platform to keep your business and customers secure.

Keep Your Business and
Customers Secure

Turn compliance and security requirements into automated guardrails, not gates. Blocking deployments at the last minute is the antithesis of continuous deployment and should only be done as a last resort.

Empower your developers and teams with all the context of the deployment before and after they commit their code using a declarative configuration file stored in your Git repo and using Armory’s UI or simple yet powerful CLI.

Safely share and version your configurations for faster and more reliable deployments while keeping your deployed code secure at runtime and all your in transit and at rest data encrypted.

Resources and FAQ

How Do I Secure My Deployments?

Commit. Deploy. Repeat.

Focus  on  writing  great  code,  not  deploying  it!