Deployment Orchestration

Automatic and reliable declarative cross-environment orchestration that you don’t have to spend time building or maintaining.

Multi-cluster Deployment

Development, staging, and production is the most basic and common path to production. That’s a minimum of three environments you have to coordinate and automate your deployment across.

With Armory, your deployment is aware of the steps and outcomes of each environment, no matter how many you have. Deploy your code to multiple environments with ease, track where your code has reached and what needs to happen at each environment before proceeding to the next environment.

Deploy across multiple environments and multiple clouds, as often as you commit.

“With Armory, our developers don’t have to worry about CI/CD anymore. They can focus on new coding and new features.”

Dien Mac, Engineering Manager, Earnin

Coordinated Automation

Each environment has a unique use case, like integration testing in dev, or security scanning at your staging cluster, or executing analysis on performance metrics and logs once the change has been applied.

That’s the beauty of Armory’s orchestration. You can coordinate existing automation at any stage of your deployment, including adding manual constraints so a person has to approve the deployment before the deployment proceeds.

Multiple Kubernetes objects you say? More than one manifest? No problem. Package your Kubernetes objects into a set of manifests that make sense for your application, and deploy, analyze, and roll them back together, automatically. Deploy one or more copies to any number of namespaces or clusters.

Leverage multi-cluster deployment orchestration and coordinated automation to scale your growth and business efficiently.

Scale Your Business Efficiently

Armory’s declarative deployment orchestration enables teams to achieve a high degree of automation, which reduces human error and improves reliability.

When your deployments are automated and continuous you can invest more in innovation and accelerate your time-to-market. With the ease and simplicity of Armory’s experience you can invest more in people focusing on your competitive advantage, not building and maintaining pipelines and tooling.

As your teams become more and more productive, so does your business growth. Armory enables your business to keep on growing efficiently, at scale.

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