Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service

Declarative deployment to Kubernetes that your developers will love.

Declare your targets and deployment strategy, write your code and commit, it’s that easy — Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service will figure out the rest as it dynamically orchestrates your deployment across all your environments.

“In a single afternoon I set it up and ran 500 deployments, a dozen different ways, and it never struggled at all. It was easy to take to people and say ‘Armory works, it solves our exact problem’ and move forward.“

Ben Moody, DevOps, Tesouro

A Better Way to Grow and Scale Your Business

Dynamic Orchestration

Deploy your code to multiple environments with ease, track where your code has reached and what needs to happen; only deploy to production if pre-production security scanners and automated tests complete successfully, and leverage your existing test suites during a deployment to verify application health.

Learn more about Centralized Management

Multiple Objects and Manifests

Multiple Kubernetes objects you say? More than one manifest? No problem. Package your Kubernetes objects into a set of manifests that make sense for your application, and deploy, analyze, and roll them back together. Deploy one or more copies to any number of namespaces or clusters.

Learn more about Multiple Objects and Manifests

Operational Flexibility and GitOps Best Practices

Declarative Deployment with GitOps Workflows

Increase productivity and agility by declaring your targets and deployment strategy using the same development practices, like version control and change history.

Learn more about Declarative Deployments with a GitOps Experience

Centrally Defined

Centrally manage where each application’s operating environment is hosted so that your developers can focus on writing code. Get started without installing CRDs.

What is Declarative Deployment? Learn more here.
Operational Flexibility graphic

Continuous Deployment Created by Developers for Developers.

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Increase Reliability

Blue/Green Deployments

Reduce downtime and risk by running two versions of your application in parallel, and controlling traffic between them.

Learn more about Blue/Green Deployments



Improve stability and avoid service outages by continuously verifying changes as they are deployed.

Learn more about Canary Deployments

Automated Rollbacks

Save time, money, and lower your Mean Time to Recover. Automatically execute a partial or complete rollback of a deployment to the last known working version and quickly recover from a service outage.

Learn more about Automated Rollbacks



Route the right amount of your traffic to new application versions, regardless of application pod count, so you decrease any impact to your customer experience.

Learn more about Traffic Management

Run Canary Deployments with Istio

Canary deployment strategies help minimize the blast radius of a bad change. Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service now supports canary deployments using the Istio service mesh. Run fine-grained canary deployments on multiple services in lock-step and roll them back together.

Open Ecosystem Integration

Github, Armory CLI

Fully automate your deployments and reduce lead time for changes by setting up the Armory GitHub Action to deploy on commit.

Learn more about Github,
Armory CLI


Webhooks will integrate with any existing system in your SDLC, so you can leverage your existing automation from within your deployment and only deploy if all automation passes.

Learn more about webhooks

Prometheus, Datadog, New Relic

You’ve invested time and money into your observability strategy, so keep it rolling and use the data to automate verification and impact analysis.

Learn more about Prometheus, Datadog, New Relic

Jenkins, CircleCI, Spinnaker

No need to migrate from any existing tools, just plug it into your existing SDLC using the Armory CLI.

Learn more about Jenkins, CircleCI, Spinnaker
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Automatically deploy and verify code across multiple environments and rollback instantly when required.

Secured Platform Gears graphic

Secured Platform

Secret Stores

Safely share and version your configurations for faster, more reliable, and secure deployments with CD-as-a-Service.

Learn about Secret Stores


Minimize any risk of accidental changes by restricting deployment to each application’s environment and the specified team.



Improve the user experience for your developers and adhere to company compliance guidelines by authenticating using standard corporate credentials.

Two-factor Authentication

Make potential attackers’ lives harder and reduce fraud risk by adding a second security layer to re-confirm your identity.

Learn more about Two Factor Authentication

Reduced Administration Complexity

Dynamic Account Configuration

More automation and dynamic configuration means less downtime, and more time to focus on the high value tasks throughout your day.

Learn more about Dynamic Account Configuration

Automated User Management

Simply leverage SSO and your current security and compliance processes to automatically add users.

Reduced Administration Complexity graphic


Continuous deployment options to scale and fit your needs.

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Declarative Continuous Deployment to Kubernetes at no cost!

Up to 25 Application Targets per month*

Up to 1000 Deployments per Month

Multiple Environment Orchestration

Blue/Green and Canary Deployments

Automated Canary Analysis

Automated Rollbacks


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More power and flexibility for you and your teams.


Up to Unlimited Application Targets*

Unlimited Deployments

Enterprise Support

SLA 99.5%


Starting at


per Application Target per Month


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The added security and governance that all Enterprises need.


Traffic Management

Centralized Environment Definition

Role-Based Access Control

Single Sign-on

SLA 99.9%



Up to Unlimited Application Targets per Month Paid Anually

* An Application Target is an Application or Service being deployed to a namespace running on a cluster (application x namespace x cluster)

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Commit. Deploy. Repeat.

Focus  on  writing  great  code,  not  deploying  it!