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We offer Armory-Managed Spinnaker on all plans  at no additional cost.

Let Armory experts manage your Spinnaker installation with guaranteed 99.95% uptime, freeing your team to focus on building proprietary value for your company.

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Everything in Standard, Plus:
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Everything in Enterprise, Plus:
Response-time SLA:
Response within 24 hours for critical P0 production deployment issues. Response within three business days for P1 issues.
Response-time SLA:
Response within one hour for critical P0 production deployment issues. Response by next business day for P1 issues.
Dedicated Technical Account Manager:
Armory provides a dedicated TAM for your account.
Ticket-based Support:
Submit tickets with three business day response time for P1 issues.
Private Armory Slack channel:
Direct access to Armory engineers in a dedicated Slack channel.
Spinnaker Edge Support:
Armory provides edge release support in addition to official releases.
24x7 Dedicated Phone Support:
Call Armory directly for P0 issues, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.
10 Hours of Solutions Architecture Expertise:
Armory reviews your app architecture and provides pipeline best practices.   Purchase additional 10 hour blocks at a 25% discount.
Open-Source Upstream Bug Fixes:
Best-efforts bug fixes to the open source Spinnaker project.

Try For Free

Try installing Armory Enterprise Spinnaker for free for unlimited users.

Simple User-Based Pricing

Pricing is based on the number of active developers using the Platform each month.

Annual Savings

We offer annual discounts and do not charge user overages on prepaid contracts.

Spinnaker Deployment Targets:
Spinnaker deploys artifacts to Kubernetes, AWS, GCP, Azure, OCI, PCF, DC/OS, OpenStack
Spinnaker in Your Cloud Account:
Armory installs (and optionally, manages) Spinnaker in your cloud account.
Spinnaker Automated Canary Analysis for Deployments:
Limit your deployment blast radius w/ Automated Canary analysis, powered by Kayenta.
Spinnaker Blue/Green Deployment Strategies:
Deploy your software using advanced deployment strategies, including Blue/Green.
Spinnaker 1-Click Rollbacks:
Roll back bad deployments with just one click.
Spinnaker High Availability:
Armory's installation of Spinnaker is tuned for High Availability and Disaster Recovery.
Robust Spinnaker Release Management:
Integration tests ensure release & upgrade reliability for mission critical environments.
Configuration Change Management:
GitOps workflow to manage your Spinnaker configuration in source control.
Monitoring & Diagnostics:
Enterprise-grade monitoring and performance diagnostics for your Spinnaker installation.
Pipelines As Code:
Define, modularize & manage Spinnaker pipelines via source control. Validate from CLI.
JIRA Integration:
Create and update JIRA tickets from your Spinnaker pipeline.
Terraform Integration:
Run Terraform scripts within your pipeline to dynamically provision static infrastructure.
Spinnaker in Your Datacenter:
Run Spinnaker in your data center (including in high-security air gapped environments).
DevOps Analytics:
Transparency into performance of application teams via reports on deployment metrics.

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