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Plugin Framework For Spinnaker

Historically, building a Spinnaker Plugin required approval from the community to be added to the core project.

Armory has changed that by creating the Plugin Framework, which allows you to add your own features and extend Spinnaker without the commitment of contributing lengthy code to the entire Spinnaker project.

Spinnaker’s extensibility is at the core of Armory’s Software Delivery Collaboration Platform. Armory provides enterprise-grade functionality that enables Software Delivery Collaboration from Code to Cloud and makes the existing tooling in your SDLC work together more seamlessly, multiplying the value you get from your existing investments.

Spinnaker’s plugin framework was inspired by these three goals:

  • Enable Spinnaker to integrate with the best-in-class tools and platforms across the entire software development and DevOps spaces.
  • Allow for users to customize their app delivery workflows to meet their specific needs.
  • Make it easier for everyone to participate in Spinnaker’s growth, by growing the plugin ecosystem outside the core Spinnaker project.

Most plugins exist in the form of custom stages, which add a new stage type to be available for your Spinnaker pipelines.
However many other types of plugins can be created, such as cloud providers to add new deploy targets for apps or event listeners for processing execution events.

Want to learn more about how the Plugin Framework works under the hood?
Click here to read more or visit the Spinnaker Plugin Framework docs.

Examples of Spinnaker Plugins

Hashicorp Nomad plugin

Nomad Support:
This Plugin allows Spinnaker to deploy containers to a Hashicorp Nomad environment, extending Spinnaker’s reach to Hashicorp’s customers.

Pulumi plugin

Provision Infrastructure:
This Plugin deploys and runs Pulumi, an Infrastructure as Code tool that provisions AWS, GCP, and Kubernetes resources with code in your language of choice.

AWS Lambda Deployment plugin

Serverless Technology:
This plugin allows you to build an AWS Lambda stage enabling you to perform Lambda deployments, deletions, invocations and traffic management.

LitmusChaos plugin

Chaos Engineering:
plugin installs Litmus in your target namespace and runs a dev-specified chaos experiment in-stage.

Armory Policy Engine plugin

DevSec Collaboration:
This plugin allows Spinnaker users to leverage Armory’s Policy Engine, based on Open Policy Agent.

Spinnaker Observability plugin

Increased Observability: This Plugin enables the ability to customize the Micrometer registry by exposing an OpenMetrics endpoint.

Interested In Building A Plugin?