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Public Cloud


Armory Partnership Ecosystem


The world’s leading cloud vendors partner with Armory and the Spinnaker community to ensure seamless integrations between their cloud platforms and Spinnaker. These integrations, called clouddrivers, make it dramatically simpler for enterprises to shift their workloads into the cloud and Kubernetes, allowing customers to take full advantage of cloud resources.


Armory partners with leading technology vendors across the SDLC to enable enterprises to improve the speed, safety, and resilience of their software delivery process using the best-of-breed tools of their choice. Joint customers gain massive benefits through the tight integration of Armory Spinnaker with their favorite CI, monitoring, infrastructure provisioning, compliance, workflow, and other tools. 

Global Systems Integrators

We partner with Global Systems Integrators (GSI) to implement Armory Spinnaker within large, complex IT environments, often in the context of a larger cloud migration or SDLC retooling project. Our GSI partners provide expert assessment, advisory, and implementation services, in conjunction with Armory’s experts, to accelerate a company’s transition to Spinnaker, integrate it with their existing and new toolchains, and dramatically improve their software delivery process.

Value-Added Resellers

Our Value Added Reseller (VAR) partners resell Armory’s products and services to end-customers, bringing the value of Armory Spinnaker to companies all over the world. These end-customers sign Armory’s Master Services Agreement (MSA) and gain full access to Armory’s products, services, and support. 

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