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How Armory Builds on OSS Spinnaker

Building the future, hand-in-hand with the open source community.

Extending Spinnaker

Outside of the exclusive features in Armory’s enterprise distribution of Spinnaker, there are not meaningful differences between the codebases of OSS Spinnaker and Armory. To build Armory’s enterprise features, we either build:


Spinnaker is built on Spring. Currently, Armory adds additional Beans to OSS Spinnaker. With the Plugins Framework Armory donated to OSS Spinnaker, Armory extensions will be plugins for OSS Spinnaker.

Sidecar Services

Features like Armory’s Terraform Integration run alongside the base Spinnaker microservices like Gate and Clouddriver.


Open Source Releases

The Open Source Community, including Armory, contributes new features and bug fixes. Every eight weeks, Open Source Spinnaker rolls all this hard work into a new minor version that includes new features and bug fixes.

Armory Releases

Armory releases follow shortly after Open Source releases.

Armory consumes OSS Spinnaker, applies its extensions on top of it, and runs additional security and stability testing.

Collaborate from Code to Cloud with Armory