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Armory Customer Success Stories

Learn how leading enterprises are reaching Software Delivery Nirvana with Armory and Spinnaker.


“After adopting Spinnaker, we saw a substantial increase in deployment frequency, and support requests reduced to almost zero.”

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Largest U.S. Bank

“Armory provided immediate value with technical expertise, enterprise-grade software, and connectivity to the broader continuous delivery community. We are seeing a significant increase in both frequency and volume of releases with Armory’s integration.”

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Fortune 500 Media & Education Company

“We had this disconnect between what was run in Terraform and our application deployments. Now teams are starting to see that they can combine those two things into a pipeline… It’s got people more creative in what they know they can do.”

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“The entire migration time to Kubernetes took just a few days because Spinnaker made it easy.”

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“The question from product teams at Informatica is no longer ‘Why Spinnaker,’ it is ‘How do I get my team on Spinnaker?’”

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Get to Software Delivery Nirvana with Armory.