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Armory Customer Success Stories




Learn how leading enterprises are reaching reliable software deployments at scale with Armory.

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“Armory is definitely the best-in-class right now on Spinnaker. AWS has done a bang-up job of delivering towards the goal of automated regional expansion on top of Spinnaker, namely: Lambda with Blue/Green deployment strategy & new account creation.”

– Shrirang Moghe, Sr. TPM/Sr. Software Architect, Autodesk

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“With Armory, our developers don’t have to worry about CI/CD anymore-they can focus on new coding and new features.”

– Dien Mac, Engineering Manager at Earnin

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“Armory became a true partner for us in the adoption of Spinnaker. From installing and maximizing Spinnaker to establishing an infrastructure, engineering organization, and DevOps team culture.”

– Haroon Rasheed, Engineering Manager, Glovo

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Get Your Guide


“After adopting Spinnaker, we saw a substantial increase in deployment frequency, and support requests reduced to almost zero.”

– Alex Eftimie, Staff DevOps Engineer, Developer Enablement at GetYourGuide

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Fortune 20 U.S. Bank

Leading U.S. Bank

“Armory provided immediate value with technical expertise, enterprise-grade software, and connectivity to the broader continuous delivery community. We are seeing a significant increase in both frequency and volume of releases with Armory’s integration.”

– Head of Core Engineering & Enterprise Architecture, Leading U.S. Bank

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“For teams looking for enterprise level solutions and support [for Spinnaker], we highly recommend Armory, who we partnered with throughout our development process.”

-Bryant Rockoff, Site Reliability Engineer, Giphy

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Fortune 500 Media & Education Company


“[We] found Spinnaker as we looked for a leading-edge continuous delivery platform to support our move to Kubernetes and enable sophisticated rollout strategies such as canary deployments. Armory greatly enhanced the value we are getting from Spinnaker with key features such as the Terraform Integration, Policy Engine, and Pipelines as Code. Support from Armory’s team has allowed us to offload the work of managing Spinnaker and focus on delivering value to our customers.”

– Lead DevOps Engineer, Fortune 500 Media & Education Company

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“The entire migration time to Kubernetes took just a few days because Spinnaker made it easy.”

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“The question from product teams at Informatica is no longer ‘Why Spinnaker,’ it is ‘How do I get my team on Spinnaker?’”

– Vijay Chodavarapu, Vice President, Global Cloud Operations & SRE at Informatica

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“When looking at options to replace our legacy continuous deployment infrastructure, Spinnaker stood out as the best in class open-source tool. With powerful features like Pipeline Expressions and Custom Job Stages, Spinnaker allows us to build flexible deployment pipelines across all our services. Thanks to the truly impressive support from the Armory team, we are able to uplevel our deployment infrastructure.”

– Abhishek Gupta, Head of Engineering at Hired

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“OpenGov is the leader in modern cloud ERP software for our nation’s cities, counties, and state agencies. With those governments trusting us to deliver mission-critical software services in the cloud, a balance of agility, reliability, and security is paramount for OpenGov. The Armory platform has been a huge upgrade over our existing tooling in helping us quickly roll out innovative solutions with confidence. As a cloud-native continuous delivery platform designed for scale in a microservices world, Armory has helped OpenGov scale up from twenty to more than a hundred Kubernetes services. Additionally, the platform provides great support for autonomous engineering teams, which has helped us scale our organizational processes, and is backed by solid support from the Armory team.”

– Ashwani Wason, VP of Engineering & Operations at OpenGov

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“Spinnaker has allowed us to quickly iterate, deploy, and test our components multiple times a day. It has also enabled us to spin up “on demand” testing environments with the click of a button, so that developers can test their changes end-to-end without impacting other tests. With Armory’s help, we’ve scaled up Spinnaker to support daily deployments to 30+ Kubernetes clusters and multiple environments. Armory provides round-the-clock support so that our global workforce is never interrupted for very long by problems, and allows us to focus our engineering resources on our product, not on maintaining Spinnaker.”

– Paul Selden, Principal Engineer at OpenX

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