Tame Kubernetes Complexity with Armory Agent for Kubernetes

Armory’s lightweight, distributed monitoring service for Kubernetes addresses security concerns, scaling issues and lack of IT resources.

Armory Agent for Kubernetes

  • Close security vulnerabilities with a distributed architecture, storing and managing service account permissions at the edge
  • Scale deployments to thousands of Kubernetes clusters with enhanced performance and security
  • Onboard clusters up to 3x faster by giving product teams control of the service accounts and permissions in their clusters

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Amongst the current Kubernetes users, a vast majority have also tried using Spinnaker (73.68%). Meanwhile, almost all of those that have tried Spinnaker have become regular users (95%).

Armory + Spinnaker + Kubernetes = Next Level

According to D2iQ, 89% of organizations are now running Kubernetes in production, and CNCF reports this is up from 23% in 2016.  With K8s adoption skyrocketing, it’s no surprise Armory Enterprise customers are increasingly requesting support to scale deployments to Kubernetes targets.

Armory Agent for Kubernetes—now generally available to all customers—was introduced a year ago to help customers reduce latency as they manage a growing number of Kubernetes accounts.  After a year in production environments, Armory Agent for Kubernetes has proven to not only address scaling issues, but also close security gaps and significantly decrease onboarding times.
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As the market fully embraces using Kubernetes in production, Armory is building a next generation progressive delivery solution to deploy to Kubernetes at scale. Specifically, Armory is currently incubating solutions to simplify how customers build and execute canary rollouts to Kubernetes. These solutions will be available even for those who do not deploy through Armory Enterprise or Spinnaker.  

​​Armory is currently collaborating with design partners to deliver its next generation offerings in the first half of 2022.  Join the Armory Design Partner Program now for the opportunity to help shape Armory’s next generation progressive delivery solutions.

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Customer Success


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“Even within [our] small application team, people can be insulated from the choice of where a service gets deployed. You don’t even have to think about it. The entire migration time to Kubernetes took just a few days because Spinnaker made it easy.”
— Avram Lyon, VP of Technology, Scopely

Fortune 500 Media & Entertainment Company
“[We] found Spinnaker as we looked for a leading-edge continuous delivery platform to support our move to Kubernetes and enable sophisticated rollout strategies such as canary deployments. Armory greatly enhanced the value we are getting from Spinnaker with key features such as the Terraform Integration, Policy Engine, and Pipelines as Code. Support from Armory’s team has allowed us to offload the work of managing Spinnaker and focus on delivering value to our customers.”
— Lead DevOps Engineer, Fortune 500 Media & Entertainment Company

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Armory Agent for Kubernetes


Armory Agent for Kubernetes


How are Companies Using Kubernetes and Spinnaker?