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Key replays



Spinnaker Workshop Part One – Cloud Compliance and Entitlements
Learn how you can easily establish and enforce automated uniform compliance as well as current use cases for Armory Policy Engine.


Spinnaker Workshop Part Two – Spinnaker Kubernetes Operator
Learn about the Operator and its role in the community. The Operator makes deploying and managing the full lifecycle of your Spinnaker app simple, automated, and reliable, leveraging a Kubernetes-native GitOps workflow.


Spinnaker Workshop Part Three – Cost Optimization
Our friends at Kubecost will teach you how to get real-time cost visibility and insights, helping you continuously reduce your cloud costs.


Spinnaker Workshop Part Four – AWS Quick Start

Learn how to quickly leverage Spinnaker for a single path from staging to deployment, regardless of whether you are deploying to Amazon EC2, Amazon EKS, Amazon ECS, or AWS Lambda.


Moving Beyond CVEs: Why We Need a Strong Security Posture in Open Source?

At last year’s Spinnaker Summit, Beth Fuller shared the Security SIG’s progress in implementing a Vulnerability Management Process for open source Spinnaker, and the “why” behind it. Digging more into security has highlighted the importance of implementing and communicating intentional security practices in an open source project. In this talk, we’ll look beyond Spinnaker to explain why having a good security posture means a lot more than just CVEs. What does it look like to shift left in open source? How does doing so make life easier for the Security Engineer persona? We’ll make a case for codifying open source security processes through both automation and governance, and recommend an upstream CI experience to make projects safer and open source users’ lives easier.


Capital One Jobs Theater
Hear about working at Armory!


Sponsored Lightning Talk: Compliance Operations (CompOps) with Armory Spinnaker in AWS

The role of Armory Spinnaker as the central CD orchestrator in AWS positions it to play a significant role in the burgeoning AWS CompOps movement. Compliance is critical to many organizations and should be incorporated into the larger DevOps culture. Iron Mountain says the benefit of developing a compliance-driven culture is that the “compliance program can ultimately help you cut your operational costs, improve efficiencies and reduce risks. Once you’ve developed your plan, you can relax—at least a little—knowing that you’re well set up to:” Demonstrate your adherence to laws and regulations; Speed your response times when audits or litigation occur; Reduce the risk of fines and penalties; Improve your business efficiencies; Reduce your administrative costs; Get control over your critical records

Keynote Panel Session: A Deep Dive into the Benefits of CD

Join Kelsey Hightower as he moderates a fireside chat diving into the benefits and importance of CD and Spinnaker in an organization. This panel will dig into this subject from two perspectives: from an orchestrator of CD at a large company, and a business that is developing tools to support release automation and CD at scale.


Continuous Delivery BoF: Spinnaker @ Scale
Join Isaac Mosquera of Armory, Paul Roberts of AWS and other industry experts including Adam Jordens of Netflix; Mark Huber of Cox Automotive; Robert Wen of Salesforce & Shrirang Moghe of Autodesk for this informal discussion on Spinnaker @ Scale. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet with project leaders and peers to share information and ask questions.


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