DevOps: Armory Looks to Drive Enterprise Adoption of Spinnaker

Company CEO Daniel Odio said Armory will add proprietary tools to a curated distribution of Spinnaker that will make it easier for the average IT organization to deploy and manage Spinnaker. Developed by Netflix, Spinnaker is gaining traction as a CD platform in the wake of becoming one of the four projects being managed under the auspices of the Cloud Delivery Foundation (CDF), an arm of the Linux Foundation.

Spinnaker is designed to be a CD platform that includes all the management tools required to manage that process. While continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) platforms such as Jenkins have addressed aspects of CD, most of the daily usage of those platforms has been squarely focused on continuous integration. As part of an effort to meld CI/CD platforms and Spinnaker, the CDF has accepted both Spinnaker and Jenkins as part of the first four projects that will be developed under its auspices. The other two are Jenkins X, a CI/CD platform specifically designed for building microservices-based applications on top of Kubernetes, and Tekton, a set of pipelines also designed specifically for Kubernetes.

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