AWS Blog: Building Spinnaker features for Amazon ECS

For the past year, AWS Container Services has been contributing to Amazon ECS support in Spinnaker, the popular cloud-based continuous delivery platform. Originally open sourced by Netflix in 2015, Spinnaker has become a compelling CI/CD solution for customers looking to standardize their deployment process across multiple platforms and integrate with existing tools like Jenkins or TravisCI.

To make sure our work aligns with the priorities of the community, we have partnered with Armory and Netflix to form the Spinnaker AWS Special Interest Group (SIG). The goal of the AWS SIG is to share updates on in-progress work and provide another channel for the community to ask questions, give feedback, and see new feature demos. The AWS SIG meets monthly on Google Hangouts and anyone is welcome to join! Our team will use these meetings as a forum to discuss the Amazon ECS on Spinnaker roadmap and prioritize contributions based on customer needs.

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