DZone: Armory’s Perspective on Scaling DevOps

In gathering insights for the current and future state of Kubernetes in the enterprise, Isaac Mosquera, CTO at Armory shared his insights:

How long has your company been pursuing a DevOps methodology?

Armory has been pursuing a DevOps methodology since its inception in 2016. Our goal is to bring DevOps to the Global 2000 with the help of the Spinnaker open source continuous delivery platform, and with the support, training, and best practices we provide. Here’s why: today’s innovative companies are software-first (think Netflix vs. Blockbuster). How these innovators build and deliver software can be the difference between thriving or merely surviving. Armory is commercializing Spinnaker so enterprises can leverage all of the DevOps learning and best practices that Netflix and Google (who created and open-sourced Spinnaker) built into the platform and ship better software, faster.

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