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Armory Introduces Spinnaker Policy Engine to Enable Developer Guardrails Across the SDLC

Note: This news was announced here as a press release on 11/12/2019. Armory’s newly released Open Policy Agent (OPA)-based Policy Engine for SDLC gives enterprises fine-grained control of the software delivery process by providing the hooks necessary to perform extensive verification of pipelines, processes, and policies in Spinnaker. The new Policy Engine for SDLC unleashes […]

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Why Pay for Armory When Spinnaker Is Free?

Note: An updated version of this post can be found here. At the recent Google Cloud Next conference in San Francisco, Google positioned open-source Spinnaker as the “Ops-Centric way to do continuous delivery.” We’re often asked why companies should work with Armory when OSS Spinnaker is open source and free.  The short answer is: It’s […]

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How cloud agnosticism can help you make the monumental transition between cloud services

Cloud agnosticism is one of the most underrated advantages to deploying with Spinnaker, which powers the Core of Armory’s Platform. Spinnaker achieves this is by working with cloud abstractions such as: Individual servers Server groups Load balancers Network/security groups Images and applications Deployment strategies This forward-thinking architectural design allows Spinnaker to work with any existing […]

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Target & Cloud Portability enabled by Armory: As told by Scopely and Makerbot

Armory recently published two customer stories showcasing how Scopely and Makerbot have used our Platform— the Core of which is powered by Spinnaker– to migrate between VMs and Containers, and also across clouds. As the underlying clouds mature, and companies work to break monolithic applications into microservices as they reach Stage 3 in their software […]

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Spinnaker & Armory Explained by Matt Miguel, VP of Engineering

Matt Miguel, VP of engineering, chats about how Armory came about and what they are trying to accomplish. A Transcript of the video is available below: Hi my name is Matthew Miguel a VP of engineering and talent here at Armory, I am here to chat a little bit about why Armory exist and what […]

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Why Should My Business Move To The Cloud?

Before you begin: Read our Stages of Software Delivery Evolution Infographic to understand which stage your company currently falls into.   It seemed not so long ago that we were still sending Word documents around companies in chain mails that could go on for miles. Technology and progress today has made it possible for multiple […]

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The Benefits of Multi-Cloud Deployments

Multi-Cloud: the practice of utilizing multiple cloud computing services to host your infrastructure. Why should I use this? The main purpose of multi-cloud deployments is to mitigate against disasters that were not in your control: if a service such as AWS or GCP becomes unresponsive or critically fails, your infrastructure and applications can redirect traffic […]

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