Release Roundup – February 2023

Feb 22, 2023 by Anna Daugherty

You’re going to love the updates from Armory this month.

Here’s how you can stay in the loop on the latest releases, stay informed about our various products, as well as have the option to receive general continuous deployment news right in your inbox. (We promise not to send any cheesy valentines.

Continuous Deployment Self-Hosted / Managed

In addition to a ton of quality of life improvements and bug fixes over the past several weeks, the Continuous Deployment Self-Hosted and Managed teams have released new enhancements to Jenkins jobs and Terraform. 

Early Access Features

If you would like to enable these early access features to try out in your environment, open a support ticket or reach out to your Technical Account Manager directly to get started. 

  • New Igor Stop Endpoint – When defining a Jenkins job inside folders, the name contains slashes, which can cause stop requests to fail. We have added a new endpoint which accepts the job name as a query parameter.  As part of this change we have introduced a feature flag in Orca to use this new Igor endpoint.  By default the existing endpoint will be used but may fail if your jobs contain slashes so we recommend using the new one.  See a detailed description in the Spinnaker docs

Notable Fixes

  • CVE Security Fix – Release 2.28.3 had a CVE security fix. Learn more in these release notes

Learn more about these new early access features, bug fixes, breaking changes, known issues, and Spinnaker community contributions in the recent release notes:

Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service

From the highly requested Role Based Access Control, to new support for Istio Service Mesh, the CD-as-a-Service team has been hard at work to deliver new features.

  • Deploy any Kubernetes Manifest, including CRDs for Operators, without Needing a Deployment Object – CD-as-a-Service has historically only supported deploying manifests alongside an object of Kind Deployment. Now, Armory can deploy any set of Kubernetes manifests, not just those with Deployment objects. You do not need any extra configuration to start with deploying operators and other Kubernetes manifests. Simply specify the paths to your Kubernetes resource in the manifests section of your deploy yaml and deploy using the CLI or GitHub Action. This change allows CD-as-a-Service to orchestrate the deployment of CRDs across clusters for Operators such as Argo Rollouts and Crossplane.
  • Invoke Webhooks without Needing a Callback – CD-as-a-Service allows integrating with your existing automation tools via webhooks. You can now use webhooks asynchronously during deployment. Until now, using webhooks required a callback for the deployment to continue or rollback, which was not ideal for use cases like event streaming, or sending notifications to slack. webhooks now has an optional boolean field disableCallback. When you set this field to true, CD-as-a-Service does not wait for the callback to continue deployment.

Read previous Release Roundups for more information on our latest releases, enhancements, and new features! 

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