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Strategies To Deal With AWS Rate Limits When Using Spinnaker At Scale

The Armory team did a quick video to discuss strategies to deal with AWS rate limits when using Spinnaker at scale: Here’s A Transcript: Ben: Hey, guys. My name is Ben. This is Daniel, Isaac, and Andrew. We’re working on an enterprise Spinnaker version. And we want to talk a little bit today about a […]

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Welcome To The New Armory: To Stop Bad Deployments Before They Happen

Happy to announce we just re-launched to reflect the focus of Armory: To stop bad deployments before they happen. Come take a look!

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Extremely Easy Installation Script for Spinnaker

We’re putting the finishing touches on an extremely easy installation script for Spinnaker. Here’s an early peek: Enterprise users will be able to run our install script We’ll prompt for the key file The script will download everything it needs, ensure permissions, standup dbs, etc. Here’s a Transcript: DROdio: All right, so already late night. […]

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Followup on Multi-Cloud Deployments

We recently wrote a blog post on multi-cloud deployments where Isaac, our CTO did a demo showing Spinnaker deploying to both AWS and GCP. The demo sparked a conversation in our office on the topic, so Andrew, our Senior Engineer, got us together to talk more about it: In the video we talk about reasons […]

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Multi-Cloud Deployments with Spinnaker: Massive Move To The Cloud By 2,000 Global Enterprises

As we continue to see a massive move to the cloud by Global 2,000 enterprises, there is a real concern about vendor lock-in to the large cloud vendors like Amazon AWS, Google GCP and Microsoft Azure. Many engineering teams are looking for solutions that help abstract out the underlying cloud implementation. Spinnaker, a open source […]

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Similarities and Differences of Rancher and Spinnaker

We recently spoke with a company that is evaluating Rancher and wanted to know how it compares to Spinnaker. Here’s how we think the two products compare: Rancher is not a CD tool. Rancher appears to be a container management system built on top of Docker similar in nature to Heroku. While you might find […]

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Leveraging Spinnaker for Cloud Compliance

The Armory team is exploring a new use case for Spinnaker around cloud compliance. Things like: How to meet compliance regulatory concerns How to transition from bare metal into public clouds How to leverage Spinnaker to get FedRAMP certification How to leverage Spinnaker for multi-cloud How to more effectively sell to customers using public clouds […]

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Welcome to the Tribe, Andrew!

Andrew is Employee #1 at Armory, a senior engineer. His first day was yesterday. Welcome! Here’s an intro from our entire tribe.

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Why CEOs Should Care About Software Deployments

Software deployments have historically been seen as a technical activity that “the engineers will handle” but as software permeates everything around us, your software (and its deployments) directly impact your relationship with your customers in growing ways. In April 2015, a major airline made a bad deployment to iPads that contained airport terminal maps, resulting […]

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More Disruption Coming from Software-First Responsive Organizations

One of the foundational changes affecting Global 2000 enterprises is the shift from “Businesses solving technology problems” to “Technology solving business problems,” meaning that software has become a deep competitive advantage for a new generation of responsive organizations, enabling them to play by entirely different rules and disrupting entire industries. In the old model, a […]

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