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Jan 2, 2019 by DROdio

DROdio, our CEO, gives a tour and describes why we started Armory to help software teams ship better software, faster. Learn more in our Manifesto.

Want to dig in even more? Learn how our crew works from anywhere, including from a sailboat and an Airstream!

Hi, we’re Armory.

We exist to unlock innovation by making software delivery continuous, scalable and safe.

  • We’re here to maximize software’s impact on the world
  • We’re building a software platform that enables our customers to ship better software, faster.

Our Three-Step Master Plan:

(as outlined in the video above)

Now: Armory is ensuring that Spinnaker wins for cloud-native software delivery with any company that wants to “thrive” over the coming decades, by ensuring full support for Spinnaker from all cloud vendors (even including Alibaba Cloud) as well as creating a robust ecosystem with many large Global 2,000 enterprises contributing to Spinnaker. This means enterprises get more “out of the box” innovation that’s powered by the world’s most innovative cloud infrastructure companies.

This article from The Information details how Spinnaker and Armory are influencing AWS’ stance on supporting open source.

Next: Armory Dominates the Software Delivery Category. We offer an enterprise distribution of Spinnaker, the continuous delivery project open-sourced by Netflix & Google. Our hardened offering introduces additional features to enable GitOps, layer in a Policy Engine, and provide additional integrations like Vault & Terraform to better automate and codify your software delivery process. We back the platform up with 24×7 enterprise support and a 1-hour response SLA.

Later: Armory Automates & Compresses the entire Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), enabling companies to get their ideas into the world in minutes instead of months.

A company’s ability to get an idea out into the world, via software, with safety and velocity will define its ability to compete over the coming decades.

We believe software is the highest-leverage way to make human lives better and unlock massive enterprise value for companies that know how to deeply leverage it. We are changing how software is delivered to the world.

We have a strong tribal culture that enables us to do great work. We are a small group (of mostly engineers) working closely together with a passion for making people’s lives better through software. Armory’s HQ is in beautiful downtown San Mateo, CA, and we’re building a strong remote tribal culture as well.

We recently raised our Series B (here’s some press on that, and here’s the back-story) and we have incredible investors. We have tripled in size in the past year, and we count some of the world’s largest enterprises as customers.

Our Founders previously had an exit together and know each others’ strengths and attributes. They do an amazing job of including the crew in all of the key decisions of the company. This is a place where your input is valued and appreciated. As a part of the crew you will help guide our company to success. The founders are doing 10 year vesting and are committed to building an enduring and impactful company.

We are hiring across all functions! Here are our open roles; join us!

What our customers say about us:

We capture quotes from customers with a Quote Bot we built, which shares quotes back into our crew via Slack. This helps us all stay connected to what customers are telling us. Here are a few of our favorites:

SVP Engineering at ____ just said: “There’s no greater priority for the organization over the next quarter. This reduces operational rick, increases stability, and generally makes engineers’ lives better. This was a major source of frustration a year ago and we’re finally here with a solution that meets their needs.”

DevOPs Engineer at ____just said: “Barometer is clever because you are leveraging Spinnaker, spring and custom strategies as well as some integrations with other pieces to create something really meaningful.”

SVP Engineering at ____just said: “One goal of continuous delivery is to reduce “code inventory”. Just like a car dealer’s goal is to reduce physical inventory on lots, our goal is to reduce code that’s sitting on the sidelines not being exposed to customers.”

Engineering Manager at ____just said: “An engineer being onboarded for GA said “ I feel like my whole life has been leading up to the moment I deployed a service on Spinnaker”

Take a peek at life at Armory:

Check out the full gallery here.

Want to see what’s coming? Here’s a sneak peek into what we’re building now:

Come help us build this platform out! You can see additional demos here.

Get to know us:

We want to change how people create software: Our long-term vision is to create a platform that helps anyone ship better software, to unlock the creativity of the human mind through code. (And we really mean “anyone,” not just big companies.)

We have plenty of runway: We raised a $28MM Series B this year, led by Insight Partners bringing our total funds raised to $42MM. Here’s the back-story on the raise. We also did a seed round with great investors like Javelin, Eric Ries, Harrison Metal, and we were in YCombinator’s W17 batch. We’re well funded!

We have a clear, customer-driven roadmap and strong enterprise customer demand. Learn more about how we are commercializing Spinnaker. We’re coming up on our one year anniversary and already have eight paying customers.  Our first two customers have scaled their contracts with us by 2x (and pre-paid for a year to boot).

We care deeply about culture.  Culture is the operating system of a startup.  We’re super family-friendly (read my personal post about how we wrap the Crew around the company), and read my CEO Manifesto about how we’re building Armory.

We are committed to building a long term vision. Our intent, as founders, is not to flip Armory.  We founders are doing 10 year vesting to show we’re serious about building massive long-term value.  Come join us as an early employee to help build and shape that value.

Here’s why we started Armory:

Why work at Armory:

  • Your work will have extreme relevance: You’ll have the kind of impact people at larger companies can only dream of.  You’ll be building the technological and cultural foundation of our company with us.
  • We have a great compensation plan: We’ll make you an offer that has both a cash and equity component.  You can choose to maximize the cash, or maximize the equity.
  • Compensation transparency:  We believe strongly in equal comp between Crew members at the same skill levels, regardless of gender.  We publish the compensation bands for every role internally within the company. You can always be sure that you and your peers are being compensated fairly and equally.
  • We give you equity:  We are focused on building a company with massive long-term value.  The Founders are on a 10 year founder vesting schedule, and we ask Crew members to participate on a four year option vesting schedule.  We vest 1/4th of your options after your first year, and then monthly over the next 3 years.
  • It’s also important to us that you understand how your option grant works.  We’ll share our Cap Table with you when we hire you and walk you through the details.
  • Once you’ve been at Armory for at least 3 years, we’ll also give you ten years to exercise your options, once vested, even if you leave the company.  (Most companies only provide a 90 day window). We want you to be sure you want to become an equity holder in our company, vs. being forced to purchase stock before you know if it’ll be valuable.
  • Want to save on taxes? We offer early option exercise so you can purchase your options at the current strike price and file an 83(b) election.  We’ll describe in detail how this works.  It can massive tax savings, especially for you as an early tribal getting in on the ground floor, with a super low strike price.
  • We offer an unlimited Discretionary Time Off policy:. Take as much time off as you need to recharge. We’re focused on your output, not your time inputs.
  • 401(k): We offer traditional and Roth 401(k) retirement savings plans:Take advantage of them! We also allow you to deduct funds directly from your payroll and put them into 529 college savings plans for your children.
  • We believe in continuing education: Want to go back to school at some point to earn another degree?  We want to support you. We’ll keep vesting your options while you’re back to school, so long as you return to Armory for a year to apply what you learned while in school.  Knowledge is power! We’ll also send you to conferences to learn new skills.  What would you like to be better at?
  • We’ll help fund your productivity: We cover 100% of any electronics that help you be more efficient: (laptop, monitor, headphones, etc) and 100% of SaaS services that help you be more efficient: (Mixmax, Sanebox, etc)  We’re always sharing efficiency pro-tips and would love to know yours! We’ll also reimburse your cell phone bill based on how much you use it for work.  If you use it all the time, we’ll cover 100%.  Or if you prefer to unplug when not at work and you just use it occasionally, tell us what percentage of the bill you’d like covered.
  • We make travel fun: We pay for a companion ticket for any Armory travel.  Bring your spouse or family and make a weekend of it! You can also have your partner/family stay in your Armory-expensed hotel room.
  • we just ask that if you have to get an extra room for them, you cover that expense — this might also happen if we’re bunking together in one room.
  • We offer lunch every day and great snacks: Armory has an in-house chef, Jonathan, who makes delicious and healthy free lunches every day. He has owned multiple successful restaurants and has a passion for food. Jonathan keeps it healthy and varied and asks each tribal for their dietary and meal preferences.  (Personal health hacking is one of DROdio’s passions.)
    Free dinner on Armory late nights:
  • We want to keep you well fed! If you find yourself working late one night,past 6pm, you can expense dinner on Armory using your company credit card.

Making life generally awesome:

  • You work hard.  You should be able to have groceries magically appear at your house, and we’d like to help make that happen.  So, choose one of these services and we’ll cover the annual membership cost: Instacart membership ($150/yr), Amazon Prime membership ($99/yr) or Google Shopping Express membership ($95/yr)
  • Armory will pay the entrance fee for all participants (including family members!) in any races (triathlons, marathons, etc.) where at least two Armory Tribals do it together.  Races are great bonding opportunities and support our Manifesto mantra that “The Crew is not built from 9 to 5.”

Want To Join Us?  Here’s our interview process for most positions:

  1. Apply for an open position right here. Laurie, our Recruiter, or our recruiting team, will reach out to you.  If your skills look like a fit, we’ll do a quick phone call to get to know each other.
  2. If we both want to move forward, we’ll do a tech phone screen and then bring you on-site for a deep dive whiteboard technical interview. If you’re not located in the Bay area, we will pay for your flight and hotel.
  3. If it looks like a fit, we’ll make an offer quickly — sometimes the same day!


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