What Do 400 Developers, Engineers, and IT Leaders Prioritize in Software Deployment?

Nov 15, 2022 by Anna Daugherty

New Reports Available from Armory

Armory recently partnered with Gartner Peer Insights on three new reports about the state of deployment practices. Together we surveyed 400 professionals in engineering and operations to learn about their current practices, priorities and pain points throughout the software development and deployment lifecycle. 

Unsurprisingly (to us, anyway) 82% of IT leaders answered that reliable deployment was their top app development and deployment priority. 

Check out each of these reports below to see what else the respondents had to say, or learn more about our findings in this press release

Report 1: Continuous Deployment in App Development 

The report Continuous Deployment in App Development looks at continuous deployment (CD) use and companies’ motivations for choosing their deployment strategies. 

“More than 80% of respondents reported ensuring reliable deployments as their top priority related to app development and deployment.”

Report 2: Enterprise Scale Deployments

The Enterprise Scale Deployments report analyzed companies’ deployment practices, efforts to accelerate speed to market, and ways to efficiently scale their growth. 

“The overwhelming majority (82%) of IT leaders say ensuring reliable deployments is their top app development and deployment priority.”

Report 3: Software Deployment Pain Points and Risks for Developers

Software developers’ top priorities and struggles are highlighted in the Software Deployment Pain Points and Risks for Developers report. 

“Deployment frequency is the top success metric for deployments, selected by 52% of engineering and operations leaders.”

Are you part of the 82% of engineering leaders who want safe, reliable software deployments at your organization? Don’t know where to start with your deployment practices?  Get started with Continuous Deployment for free.

Want to talk about the findings in these reports or to learn more about Armory’s solutions? Contact us

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