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Removing Anxiety from Your Software Delivery Process with Armory Spinnaker

"What does your CI/CD process look like?" This is the question that Armory CTO Isaac Mosquera asks at every client meeting. It's rare to find organizations that have a holistic view of their entire software delivery pipeline. The more common scenario has several teams own portions of the pipeline, and responsibility is distributed across the organization. With so many approvals, stakeholders and steps involved its little wonder that organizations look at software delivery with anxiety. Isaac recently gave a talk at DeliveryConf 2020 in Seattle, Washington where he goes into Armory's process for identifying and improving pain paints in your software delivery process. Take a peek inside for the full video.

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Spinnaker AWS Deployments as easy as 1-2-3

2019 was a big year for Spinnaker, and we saw a huge spike in adoption.  After Spinnaker Summit, KubeCon, and AWS re:Invent, a variety of impressive Spinnaker success stories surfaced, many of which involved Armory customers.  At, we helped change the game by making Spinnaker easier to stand up and deploy.  With the introduction […]

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2020 Preview: Spinnaker as a Platform

Spinnaker saw explosive growth across the enterprise in 2019. Forward-thinking enterprises that are farther along their DevOps journey are using Spinnaker as a software delivery orchestration platform – not just as a “CD tool.” Here’s a peek into how Spinnaker will evolve as a Software Delivery Orchestration Platform in 2020: We recently shared how Netflix […]

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2019 in Review: The Meteoric Rise of Spinnaker in the Enterprise

Armory’s top goal for 2019 was to help Global 2,000 enterprises discover Spinnaker. We have achieved that objective beyond our wildest expectations. At the beginning of 2019, there were only a dozen companies publicly sharing their success with Spinnaker — and that included Google and Netflix, who originally open-sourced the project. Spinnaker was a lurking […]

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What’s New this Week December 16, 2019

We are excited to share a roll-up of our features on a bi-weekly basis, with information on features from Experiment to GA. This is our way of taking you on the journey of how an “Idea Becomes a Feature.” You can track features as they go from Experiment to Early Release and then to General […]

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AWS ❤️ Spinnaker

Paul Roberts, Principal Solutions Architect, Strategic Accounts at AWS, shared at re:Invent how deeply AWS is backing Spinnaker, due to strong enterprise customer demand. “AWS realized that customers wanted a single platform to deploy applications to multiple AWS targets.”  – Paul Roberts, AWS AWS started contributing to Spinnaker 18 months ago, and yesterday Paul announced […]

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How Spinnaker Revolutionized Software Delivery at Netflix and Beyond

Andy Glover at AWS re:Invent Spinnaker is our control plane for AWS. It has all of the visibility into the fleet of instances that we’re leveraging. – Andy Glover, Netflix Andy Glover, Director of Delivery Engineering at Netflix, and Paul Roberts, Principal Solutions Architect, Strategic Accounts at AWS, just gave a fantastic talk about Spinnaker […]

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Pipeline Redemption: How Spinnaker is shaping delivery excellence at SAP

Note: We are delighted to host this guest post by Serge Poueme & Jessie Metivier from SAP. The post can also be found on the Spinnaker Blog. As a Site Reliability Engineer responsible for delivery excellence, solid deployment is important to me. I’ve been working with SAP for a little while now and I’m proud […]

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A Lesson in History: Why Spinnaker is Revolutionary

In 1900 there were only 4,192 passenger cars built, and they had to traverse mud and dirt roads. Last year, there were 70,000,000 built (a 16,000x increase), and there are over 250,000,000 cars driving on today’s roads. It took Horatio 1,524 hours to cross the US. Today, it can be done in under 29 hours. […]

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Webhooks/Service Accounts/Pipeline Permissions in Spinnaker

A common question that we encounter here at Armory: how do I enable tools like Jenkins or Artifactory to call Spinnaker and trigger a pipeline.  How do I setup the authentication/authorization to allow this to happen?  The answer is pretty straightforward, though the terminology used is not what most operations staff would utilize.  Today we’ll […]

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