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Armory Spinnaker Documentation: How To Set Up, Safely Administer the System, How to Use the System

This documentation can help you set up Armory Spinnaker, safely administer the system, and learn about how to use the system. If you want to know more about Armory Spinnaker read What is Armory Spinnaker. See the following for Armory Spinnaker Administration Deploying Armory Spinnaker Armory Spinnaker comes with an installer that walks you through […]

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Enterprise Spinnaker Audit Logging

Although Spinnaker is used to deploy applications, under the covers it’s actually doing something much more powerful: Spinning up, managing and destroying cloud infrastructure. This means that each time a company uses Spinnaker to deploy an update to an app, it’s actually deploying new virtual machines on AWS (or GCP, or Azure, etc.). Not only […]

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If Software is Eating the World, Then You Better Know How To Code

At Armory we absolutely agree with Andreesen’s notorious statement about Software Eating the World. Seems obvious now, but hindsight is always 20/20. If Andreesen and we are correct, then you better know how to participate in a software driven world. This change is so important to us that even our CEO is coding and issuing […]

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Install Armory’s Enterprise Spinnaker

Update: Check out our new Armory installer instructions here. Chat with our CEO: Open the chat icon at bottom right. To Install Armory Spinnaker for AWS: Terminal: bash -c "$(curl -sS" That’s it! Our Installer will prompt you for the information listed in the System Requirements section below. Install FAQs | Release Notes. | […]

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Followup on Multi-Cloud Deployments

We recently wrote a blog post on multi-cloud deployments where Isaac, our CTO did a demo showing Spinnaker deploying to both AWS and GCP. The demo sparked a conversation in our office on the topic, so Andrew, our Senior Engineer, got us together to talk more about it: In the video we talk about reasons […]

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Transcript: EXO Cloud Summit

This is a transcript of this video: Daniel: Okay, guys. This is Daniel, and I’m here with Pete Erickson. Pete is the creator of these EXO conferences, and we’re actually in beautiful Aspen, Colorado right now. We’re at a software engineering leadership conference, which we’re going to talk about. But you’re doing another conference soon, […]

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Armory Spinnaker Release v0.61Armory Spinnaker Release Version 0.61: Free Distribution That Anyone Can Install and is Guaranteed to Work

We’re happy to announce the release of Spinnaker v0.61. The benefits: Community Edition: v0.61 is a free distribution that anyone can install, and is guaranteed to work (you don’t need to figure out what sub-services to install). Enterprise Edition: We offer enterprise level support for this package. Learn more about using Spinnaker for Enterprise-Grade Software […]

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What is “Immutable Infrastructure”?

(And why’s it so important?) Spinnaker believes in deploying to the cloud using immutable infrastructure. It takes a prescriptive stance around macro-level trends like the rise of devops, cloud adoption, docker, etc. But what exactly is immutable infrastructure, and why does it matter so much? The best way to answer that question is to imagine […]

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