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It’s six in the evening, and just as you are about to sit down for some dinner -wait for it- you’re getting paged for another production outage. Third time this week! You immediately SSH into the server to see that the JVM has been OOM killed. Great. As you inspect the endless stream of logs, […]
In our previous post, we shared the pains of a hypothetical corporation named Hooli going through an infrastructure migration and how it can go off the rails. In this post, we’ll focus on strategies you can apply today to set the ship’s course before you even leave dock. Some thrive in this age of infrastructure […]
Since we started Armory 3 years I’ve heard almost all of the Fortune 500 say they are embracing microservices for a pay-off in productivity and scalability.  And yet most are unable to propel their organizations adopting this practice due to a lack of trust and autonomy given to their software engineers. Historically we all developed […]
Any improvements made anywhere besides the bottleneck are an illusion. – Gene Kim, The Phoenix Project After years of working on individual contributor development at Facebook and a decade of managing successful engineering teams at scale we’ve learned that the tools don’t matter unless you have cultural & process alignment.  Spinnaker is a leading class […]
A pattern we’ve noticed working with large enterprises and Spinnaker is that compliance & security is a critical concern to on-boarding applications and developers. For these customers to on-board applications onto Spinnaker they must have security and compliance enforcement across their pipelines. There is an opportunity to solve this as a part of Spinnaker. Customer […]
Over the past 3 years, Spinnaker has seen a significant growth in interest from the engineering community. Spinnaker is known as the OSS software delivery tool from Netflix & Google. But many engineering leaders can benefit to learn how Spinnaker is used within Netflix, Google and other F500 enterprises to drive service reliability and engineering […]
Continuous delivery done well is data-driven. Data drives decisions about what to work on and how to work on it, and it tells us whether the changes are working properly and whether things are improving. The SDLC embodies these questions. Without data, decision makers are stuck between subjective feelings and objective truths. The leading voices […]
Do You Have Any of These Challenges? You’re containerizing your workloads and need to migrate from VMs to container deployment targets without impacting application developer velocity. You’re not deploying as frequently as you want to be. Deployments are unpredictable fire drills, with outages that break customer trust. Business units or teams need to deploy to […]
Spinnaker bills itself as a continuous delivery platform for the enterprise. Continuous delivery scopes in many technical practices and tools and begins with continuous integration, which in turn also brings its own practices and tools. Products like CircleCI also advertise continuous integration and delivery. It may seem that teams need to choose one platform over […]
Spinnaker and Ansible often get lumped together as automation tools. Teams can automate deployment workflows with Ansible. Spinnaker also automates deployments, so why use both? People mistakenly think that using one makes use of the other unnecessary. Ansible automates applications and IT infrastructure supporting configuration management, application deployment, and continuous delivery, while Spinnaker focuses on […]