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Automate Load Testing with Armory Spinnaker and Locust

The new Load Testing stage is available in Armory Spinnaker. For documentation on how to install Armory Spinnaker, refer here: Last week we introduced Certified Pipelines, a tool to help you define and enforce policies to ensure your teams are deploying safely and with best practices. The policies you create are comprised of pipeline […]

Introducing Armory Certified Pipelines

We’re excited to announce that Armory Certified Pipelines is now available and we’re seeking alpha testers. If you’d like early access to Certified Pipelines, please drop us a note at [email protected]   The Problem: Why Deployments are Slow in Most Enterprises The goal of Certified Pipelines is to help companies achieve their desired outcome – […]

New Spinnaker ELB Stage

Armory documentation on how to configure a Spinnaker ELB stage: Configuring an ELB Stage (This works in both open-source Spinnaker, and Armory Spinnaker) The ability to dynamically create resources like ELBs, Security Groups, Lambda functions, S3 assets, etc has been a common ask for a while. The OSS community did the bulk of this work, […]

Proposal: Support Spinnaker Deployments to S3, Lambda, and More

Before we build a feature into our Enterprise distribution of Spinnaker, we ask current & prospective customers how valuable it would be for them. You can find all of our Proposed Features here. We’ve heard from many companies that they want to use Spinnaker to deploy S3 artifacts and Lambda functions. That functionality does not […]

Armory Spinnaker Documentation: An Overview of Armory Spinnaker Along with a Set of User Guides and Admin Guides

Armory is pleased to announce our official Guides and Documentation for Armory Spinnaker, available at The documentation consists of an overview of Armory Spinnaker along with a set of User Guides and Admin Guides. This documentation is for Armory customers, but we’re also making it publicly available in the hopes it’ll be helpful for […]

Armory Platform Success Playbook: Stages of Software Delivery Evolution Infographic

Before you begin: Read our Stages of Software Delivery Evolution Infographic to understand which stage your company currently falls into. Seven Steps to Success: Treat deployments as a product. Assign a product owner (ideally full-time) who is responsible for ensuring the success of Spinnaker within your organization. Just like other product managers in your company, […]

Luxe: How They Are Leveraging Spinnaker to Deploy to AWS

Pawel Gieniec (VP Engineering) and Kevin Woo (Software Engineer) at Luxe talk about how they are leveraging Spinnaker to deploy to AWS. Topics discussed: How long have you been using Spinnaker? What motivated you to try Spinnaker? How did you deploy to production before Spinnaker? What problems does Spinnaker solve for you? What advice would […]

What is DevOps and why is it Important for your Organization?

Last week, Armory sponsored an SF DevOps meetup which included talks by: Armon Dadgar, co-CTO, Hashicorp, sharing what the term “DevOps” means and why it’s important for organizations who optimize for velocity. Tung Nguyen, former VP Eng, BleacherReport, discussing UFO, a tool he built for Docker and ECS. Peter Bakkum, Platform Lead, Quizlet, covering the […]

Install Armory’s Enterprise Spinnaker

Update: Check out our new Armory installer instructions here. Chat with our CEO: Open the chat icon at bottom right. To Install Armory Spinnaker for AWS: Terminal: bash -c "$(curl -sS" That’s it! Our Installer will prompt you for the information listed in the System Requirements section below. Install FAQs | Release Notes. | […]

Learn More About Armory Spinnaker

Have a question that’s not listed here? Email us at [email protected] Armory recently released Armory Spinnaker v1.0. Here are some FAQs and answers about the release: What AWS regions do you support?? We support all US regions. What security options are available in Spinnaker? Spinnaker supports OAuth and SAML 2.0. We wrote a blog post […]