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The topic of application and infrastructure scalability has always centered on one key point: performance. This meant latency, traffic, errors and saturation metrics (i.e., the four golden signals) had been the sole focal points and implemented automations to optimize them were paramount. However, can you scale your business and increase your revenue and growth on […]
Deciding how frequently to release a product is an interesting challenge faced by many companies. There are definite pros and cons related to adjusting your release cadence that have to be evaluated on an individual basis. Faster release cycles in theory might sound good, but of course, there can be tradeoffs. Looking at historical release […]
Throughout my career, I have always worked in roles and for software companies that are focused on the availability and reliability of infrastructures and applications. I never really thought much about it until reading Simon Sinek’s book ‘Find Your Why’ at the suggestion of a manager who always had to understand ‘why’ something needed to […]