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Armory Spinnaker Release Version 1.2.0

Feb 14, 2017 by Isaac Mosquera

“**Version 1.2.0** is your Spinnaker Sherpa, guiding you up the long Continuous Delivery Mt. Everest journey, and shouldering the heavy load for you!” – Isaac

As always, we strive to provide “Ridiculously Responsive” customer support. Let us know how this release works for you.

We are currently supporting us-west-2.

Armory Enterprise Spinnaker

  • Smaller container size:
  • Faster initialization and startup due to optimization of containers
  • Debian packaging for Armory Spinnaker
  • Streamlined init scripts for more stable startup/shutdown lifecycles
  • Options to start local redis through environment variables in /etc/default/armory-spinnaker
  • Bug Fix: Install packer into docker image
  • Settings.js is automatically generated so you don’t have to define same config in 2 places
  • Install and configure truststore for Java8 for docker Images


  • Previously named Healthcheck
  • Endpoint to monitor Orca work endpoint
  • Enabled threading on server
  • Catch all connection errors
  • Additional logging on stdout and endpoint response JSON
  • Added more robust error checking from Spinnaker sub-components endpoint

Spinnaker Community Contributions

### Clouddriver
– (aws) Update to the latest AWS SDK
– (aws) ASG Lifecycle Hooks
– (aws) Instance termination lifecycle agent; early-notifies Eureka of termination events
– (aws) adds options in deploy / clone server group to control whether ancestor ASG custom block device and spotPrice are carried forward
– Ensure queue/topic exists on every iteration of the launch failure agent
– (amazon) Log all requests to create launch configurations (sans user data)


  • (auth) Adds runAsUser to CRON triggers.
  • (auth) Updates isInSync method to consider runAsUser.
  • (rest) Add optional basic auth support to outgoing rest webhooks.
  • Add support for cc: field to email notifications.
  • (manualJudgment) Include ‘judgedBy’ in manualJudgmentContinue notifications.
  • (manualJudgment) Update generic body template for manualJudgmentContinue to match the others.
  • Add all templates for manualJudgmentContinue and manualJudgmentStop.
  • Add slack template for manualJudgment.


  • A relaxed RedisHealthIndicator that will never report DOWN once UP
  • (cors) – adds a configurable allowedOriginsPattern to whitelist cors access to spinnaker API (breaking)
    With the change to whitelist cors requests to a specified regex, anyone relying on the open cors policy will be impacted (if you have developed a separate browser based webapp that uses the spinnaker api, and you have authentication enabled you will need to whitelist the host domain for that webapp to propagate the authentication for API requests)
  • Adding regex support for oauth2 user info requirements
  • update entity tags via POST, partial delete operation


  • (core) allow users to configure traffic protected clusters
  • (aws) Bug-fix bad rendering of instance details title.
  • (aws) preserve userdata on pipeline cluster edit
  • (all providers) Show that an instance is not found instead of failing silently
  • (aws) Quick Patch ASG stage requires a jenkins trigger or stage
  • (docker) Add image name, tag and organization to docker bake stage.
  • (docker) Make bake stage show up in list of stage choices even when no providers that explicitly provide bake stage are configured.
  • (core): upgrade core libs and fix resulting issues
  • (core) retry tagging before failing; make retryService tolerate failure
  • (core) added validator for service account access
  • (core) use IRegionalCluster for entityRef building
  • (core) always show disabled warning if any instances present
  • (appengine) edit lb stage
  • (aws) allow whitelisting of classic launch, default subnet
  • (core) refactor disable/destroy warnings on server group actions


  • Only publish events to echo if a docker registry has been indexed once


  • Adds clouddriver.readonly.baseUrl config option to point clouddriver read operations at a separate endpoint (read replica)
  • Adds a new endpoint that returns counts of active executions running on each orca instance.
  • Fix an issue in v2 orchestrations that are using dynamic target server groups
  • Bug Fix – Fixes an issue with target server group stages in v2 where > 1 region is not processed because of an unsafe re-entrant method
  • Adds a handler for executions failing during the startup phase
  • Include pipeline name in server group metadata tag
  • Tag server groups with metadata if feature enabled
  • Support tagging of server groups when created / cloned
  • poll clouddriver for task status less often 1s -> 10s
  • force refresh server group caches on a slower interval 5s -> 10s
  • (core) Move zombie cleanup logic to core and make it accessible so cancel action can use it.
  • (core) Various bits of managed pipeline template implementation
  • Bug Fix – Fixes stage restarts in v2


  • (core) Bug-Fix – Don’t fail worker threads on top-level exceptions.
  • (rpm) Allow for multiple RPM repositories.
  • (AWS/Azure) Add support for Windows using Chocolatey as package manager.
  • (docker) Add docker tag, organization and name handling.
  • (core) Add the ability to override the default templateFile for a baseImage.
  • (packer/templates) Add DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive to apt-get install.
  • consider optional templateFileName parameter when determining if resolved template is included in templatesNeedingRoot.


  • (core) Remove unused loadObjectVersion storage API.
  • (core) Adding support for searching project by a variety of keywords
  • (core) include tagMetadata in EntityTags object

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