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Software delivery automation tools can accelerate and improve the deployment process. DevOps engineers know that quickly delivering high-quality software to customers is critical to maintaining their company’s competitive advantage. Yet, enterprises often need help with implementing modern software delivery practices.   The market offers many software delivery automation products, each with different features. Choosing the […]
Spring has sprung and the Armory crew is feeling the good vibes. Across our continuous deployment solutions, we’re adding features and updates to make developers’ lives easier and help organizations enable better deployment practices at scale.  Here’s how you can stay in the loop on the latest releases, keep up with our various products, as […]
Stay up-to-date with the latest Kubernetes release with Spinnaker. The Armory crew has worked diligently the past several weeks to release a new stable version of OSS Operator (1.3.0). This is the first release in just over 18 months and is now available for the open source community.  What Changed? The Spinnaker Operator is the […]
Learn how Armory can simplify deploying to ephemeral development environments for UI and API validation before PRs merge.
GitOps is a development methodology that treats the desired state of applications and infrastructure as code. It utilizes Git, a version control system, to enable users to manage their cloud environment in a more organized and automated way. By storing all configurations in one place – Git – teams can collaborate on changes, rollback if […]
Safe Continuous Deployment to Amazon EKS with Armory Armory crew members Stephen Atwell and Dan Peach recently joined the Building SaaS on AWS livestream on Twitch, hosted by Gunnar Grosch, Developer Advocate at AWS. I highly recommend that you watch the episode here and then check out my personal key takeaways below in our recap […]
Continuous Deployment is essential for rapidly releasing new features and delivering value to your customers. However, the fear of making a bad change that negatively impacts customers stops companies from adopting Continuous Deployment. Despite best efforts, bad changes inevitably make it to production and cause outages. However, there is a solution to this problem. Canary […]
You’re going to love the updates from Armory this month. Here’s how you can stay in the loop on the latest releases, stay informed about our various products, as well as have the option to receive general continuous deployment news right in your inbox. (We promise not to send any cheesy valentines.)  Continuous Deployment Self-Hosted […]
Continuous integration, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment are essential practices in modern software development. This blog post covers the basics of setting up a mature CI/CD/CD pipeline for your service. Prerequisites: What’s the Difference Between Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment? Briefly, Continuous Integration(CI) is a development practice in which developers regularly integrate their code changes into the main […]
Role-based access controls enforce the principles of least privilege and separation of duties in your continuous deployment pipeline to simplify SOC2.