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Armory simplifies serverless deployment: Armory Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service extends its robust deployment capabilities to AWS Lambda.
The Power of Graphs for Ingesting and Acting on Complex Orchestration Logic We’ve been having deep conversations with customers and peer thought leaders about the challenges presented by executing multi-environment continuous deployment, and have developed an appreciation for the power of using visual tools such as directed acyclic graphs (DAG) to understand and share the […]
Automation and the SDLC Automating the software development life cycle has been one of the highest priorities for teams since development became a profession. We know that automation can cut down on burnout and increase efficiency, giving back time to ourselves and our teams to dig in and bust out innovative ideas. If it’s not […]
Happy 7th birthday, Armory! Today we’re celebrating Armory’s 7th birthday. The parenting/startups analogy is somewhat overused but timely as many families (at least in the US) are sending their kids back to school this week. They say that parenting doesn’t get easier with age – the challenges simply change as children grow, undoubtedly true for […]
Easier Access to Tutorials, Release Notes, Documentation, and More! Developer Experience (DX) is one of Armory’s top focuses for 2023. In addition to improving developer experience through Continuous Deployment, we’re also working hard to improve DX for all of our solutions.  According to ThoughtWorks, poor information management and dissemination accounts for a large percentage of […]
We’ve all heard prod horror stories of a failed deployment. Chances are that you’ve even experienced one first hand! The below cautionary tales from across the internet show how non-existent processes, poor tooling, and talent drain can lead to huge headaches…and sometimes catastrophe. How One Failed Deployment Bankrupted an Entire Company This is the DevOps […]
Cyberattacks increased by 38% in 2022, and the trend is expected to continue in 2023. Ransomware is a primary attack vector, with 230,000 new malware types produced daily. Software vulnerabilities reached 26,448 in 2022 — an increase of 59% over 2021.  Eliminating zero-day vulnerabilities has become a priority. For many companies, that means implementing DevSecOps, […]
When it comes to the development and deployment of cloud products and services, FedRAMP compliance scrutinizes the software development lifecycle. Today, developers are stuck with highly manual, error-prone, and resource intensive processes that don’t meet the FedRAMP requirements.  What is FedRAMP Compliance? FedRAMP compliance is an important requirement for any software that wants to be […]
Armory accelerates deployment to Amazon Web Services (AWS), reducing time-to-market and improving customer experience. What does a competitive advantage for your business look like today? Delivering innovative software with speed and efficiency and creating exceptional customer experiences. Software should enable—not impede. Organizations must innovate quickly to meet customer demands and cannot afford to be slowed […]
Software supply chain security is a top concern for engineering organizations. With the ever-increasing demand for software, it’s no surprise that the software supply chain has become a prime target for cybercriminals.  In fact, Gartner predicts that by 2025: 45% of organizations worldwide will have experienced attacks on their software supply chains, a three-fold increase […]