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Announcing Armory Fleet Weeks

Register and join Armory on Thursday, 5/28 at 10am PST to learn how to get Spinnaker operational in AWS. In two one-hour sessions, you will learn: · How to configure your Spinnaker instance to deploy to AWS · How to prepare AWS by creating roles, permissions, and trust · How to use the Halyard configuration […]

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Rosalind Benoit has been elected the CD Foundation Outreach Committee Chairperson

Note: This blog was originally featured on the CD Foundation blog. We are excited to announce that Rosalind Benoit has been elected the CD Foundation Outreach Committee Chairperson. Rosalind is Director of Community at Armory, where she works to enable and energize the Spinnaker ecosystem. Rosalind holds an MSIS in Database & Internet Technologies from Northwestern […]

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Integrating Spinnaker with ServiceNow

As the pressure mounts to deliver faster, many organizations must do it with safety and compliance in mind. Spinnaker provides an open platform to help you manage your Application Delivery Process and it makes integrating it with systems of record fairly easy, depending of course on how open the System of Record is. For many […]

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Introducing Armory Provisioning Management, with Terraform

A while back, we realized that our customers were using Armory's platform to unlock Terraform’s true potential at a fraction of the cost of Terraform Enterprise, while also unifying their cloud infrastructure with their application deployments. We've since expanded on this use case by introducing Armory Provisioning Management, with Terraform.

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Safety Is No Accident

Software deployments don't have to be scary anymore. Devops tooling has improved enough to implement new modern deployment methodology.

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Identifying risk when executing your Kubernetes migration

“Any improvements made anywhere besides the bottleneck are an illusion.” – Gene Kim, Phoenix Project Software continues to “eat the world”, and organizations are struggling to keep up. With the increasing pace of business and consumer expectations, enterprises in the Global 2000 are undertaking costly “digital transformations” to stay competitive. When speaking to bank executives, […]

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Building open source community culture online, Part 1

How was our first Spinnaker Gardening Days last week, and what did we learn? Read the stats and takeaways here, and check out the winning team's creation, a Pulumi plugin. Get involved in the plan for standardizing Spinnaker development environments to give more devs access to true continuous delivery power!

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Easter eggs in Spinnaker? Find out live on Thursday

Are there hidden secrets in Spinnaker, the open source solution for software delivery? Join us on Thursday for a live intro to Spinnaker and see how to get up and running with your own evaluation...over easy!

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Coronavirus: Information for our customers

Armory information for our customers regarding COVID-19, along with a resource document updated in realtime with more details on COVID-19 guidance for Armory's tribe.

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Get Ready for Spinnaker as a Service (SaaS)

We are excited to announce that we have opened up a limited beta program for Armory Spinnaker as a Service, our forthcoming SaaS product. We will be bringing you all of the benefits of Armory's Enterprise Spinnaker distribution, delivered as a SaaS offering.

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