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Cross-environment orchestration that you don’t have to spend time building At Armory, our goal is software innovation, whether that’s our own Continuous Deployment solutions, or being able to help our customers reach higher innovation peaks within their software development. We’ve taken deliberate steps to make sure our products play well with others, with a focus […]
Many organizations look to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host and deploy their applications in the cloud. However, they’re finding that their deployment tooling, often built as an extension of their legacy continuous integration (CI), is one of the main impediments to adopting cloud services.  Custom-scripted production pipelines built with in-house tooling need to be […]
Get the latest product news on Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service and the most recent release for Continuous Deployment Self Hosted, 2.28.2. Welcome to 2023!  Just like every organization, Armory is looking for ways to improve our practices and deliver more value (and faster!) to you, our customers. That’s why our engineering team is working to deliver features, […]
Armory is excited to announce we have launched an interactive, narrative-driven developer experience that teaches continuous deployment concepts. And now you can try it out for yourself! Wilco, also known as the “flight simulator” for software developers, allows companies to create engaging interactive developer challenges (called quests) that enable developers to acquire and practice skills […]
How to easily restart a deployment, doing a kubectl rollout restart, using a simple pipeline with an automatic trigger
As enterprises continue their journey from DevOps and GitOps to AIOps, they increasingly use additional telemetry, analytics, and machine learning.  This progress towards efficient and intelligent delivery of software requires better observability and actionable feedback in two areas: (1) within CI/CD pipelines, and (2) during and after deployment. The actionable feedback provided by the Armory […]
As cultures globally celebrate the Winter Solstice with traditions passed down from generation to generation, it’s a great time to reflect on the past year, give thanks for continued health and sustenance and think about the year to come. Every year has its high points — combined with its fair share of challenges. And all […]
It’s that time of year. Time to break out the bare metal pole (tinsel is distracting), engage in feats of strength, and air out our grievances. At Armory, we’ve got a real problem with some of these software deployment issues. 😤 Grievance #1 – Difficulty with Multiple Environment Deployments The difficulty of managing multiple deployments […]
What is Kubernetes?  Modern software delivery to the cloud enables enterprises to make their applications highly available and manage their performance. Many enterprises deploy their mission critical applications on Kubernetes to do this safely and at scale. Kubernetes (K8s) is a platform to automate deployment, scale and operate application containers across server groups. Because of […]
Introduction With the advent of tools like Kubernetes and Spinnaker managing complex deployments becomes easier to understand and execute successfully. The Blue/Green strategy is a prominent example of a deployment pattern that is getting more and more traction in recent years, and it’s no wonder that it’s been chosen as a default approach in many […]