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Introducing the #NikemaLearns DevOps Blog Series

I am geeked out about learning! I get enjoyment out of adding to my knowledge and pushing at the edges of my comfort zone. While continuous learning is important to me, It’s easy to fall out of practice when work and family time demand a lot of my attention. Part of what excited me about […]

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Plugin Creation 101: A Deep Dive into Extending the Spinnaker Framework

What is the Plugin Framework? On Dec 16, 2020, we announced the General Availability of the Plugin Framework for simplifying the extensibility of Spinnaker. Before this tooling was available, customizing Spinnaker required a vast amount of in-depth knowledge of the various microservices that compose the platform. Developers now have a standardized way of extending Spinnaker […]

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How the Pandemic Opened the Door to My Career in Tech

The coronavirus pandemic played a part in reducing the access gap for parents, disabled people, and neurodivergent people in tech. I'm a member of each of those marginalized groups. The timing of the pandemic was beneficial to my job search. I was helped by the more inclusive hiring and work practices that companies adopted as a matter of survival.

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Armory and Spinnaker on AWS bring scalable CD pipeline to Glovo

Executive Summary Glovo, a Barcelona, Spain-based startup began its journey in 2015 to become the globe’s on-demand marketplace that can deliver anything to their customers ordered through its mobile application. The three-sided marketplace serves customers, couriers, and vendors, which means there are a lot of moving pieces to it. As the company grew from serving […]

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Automated Canary Analysis with Spinnaker and Kayenta: A Deep Dive

Leveraging modern cloud-native deployment strategies is an important part of scaling distributed applications. These strategies allow teams to test for danger and ensure that applications are truly ready to be deployed in production environments. What is Canary Analysis? One of these deployment strategies is called canary deployments and is a pattern for rolling out releases to […]

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Spinnaker Plugins for Enabling Deployments to AWS Lambda

Today we announced the general availability of the Spinnaker plugin framework, and already there are some awesome plugins out there that are using it. Just last month we featured a nifty plugin built by the Mayadata team that adds the ability in include Litmus Chaos testing in your pipeline. And these Spinnaker plugins keep on […]

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Leveraging Spinnaker to secure your software supply chain from SUNBURST-style threats

Government employees are reeling from revelations over the weekend that FireEye had discovered an active threat from a trojanized software supply chain. Due to this revelation, CISA has issued an emergency directive to remove SolarWinds from United States Department of Defense IT systems. Compromises in the software supply chain are becoming increasingly more frequent, and […]

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Announcing the Spinnaker Plugin Framework: Spinnaker Extensibility Made Simple

Armory has announced General Availability of the Spinnaker Plugin Framework for enabling simpler integration with Spinnaker.

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Announcing the New Spinnaker Observability Plugin

The Armory team is excited to announce that the Spinnaker Observability plugin is now GA. The Observability plugin, a great example of the growing Spinnaker plugin ecosystem, provides critical visibility to Spinnaker operators and replaces the Spinnaker Monitoring Daemon. Read on to learn more.

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Don’t miss Open Core Summit 2020 on Dec. 17th. – w/ Keynote by Rosalind Benoit, Director of Community @ Armory

Armory is excited to be a Diamond Sponsor of the second annual Open Core Summit. This three-day virtual event takes place December 16-18, 2020, and brings a variety of thought leaders that are passionate about the intersection of OSS and business. It is the first ecosystem conference focused on accelerating the growth of the world’s […]

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