Integrate Your Entire Developer Toolchain with Spinnaker

Spinnaker was built from the ground up as a pluggable software orchestration layer, integrating seamlessly with other tools across the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC) to bring end-to-end visibility, speed, and resilience to your software deployments. Armory’s enterprise-grade distribution of Spinnaker features a number of powerful, exclusive, and open-source integrations that span from continuous integration through to monitoring and reporting. There are over 60 integrations and growing each month. We are constantly extending Spinnaker to make your existing software delivery tooling more valuable.

The engineers at Armory created the Plugin Framework. A plugin enables an operator to extend Spinnaker with custom functionality. Examples of Spinnaker Plugins & Extensions can be found here.


Cloud Providers

Alibaba Cloud
Oracle Cloud
Tencent Cloud

Container Orchestration

Google Kubernetes Engine

Artifact & Docker Registry

Continuous Integration

Amazon Web Services logo
Bamboo Logo
Concourse logo
Drone logo
Go logo
Jenkins logo
Circle CI logo
Azure DevOps logo
GitLab logo
Team City logo
Travis CI logo

Monitoring & Logging

DataDog logo
New Relic logo
Splunk logo
Sumo Logic logo

Infrastructure Provisioning

Ansible Vault
AWS Cloudformation
Terraform logo


Grafeas logo
Open Policy Agent logo
Sonotype logo

Identity and Access Management


Service Desk

Atlasssian Jira
ServiceNow logo

Secrets Encryption

Ansible Vault
AWS Secrets Manager
Hashicorp Vault

Service Mesh

Consul logo

Version Control

Chaos Engineering


We’re actively working on additional integrations to Armory and Spinnaker. If there’s a specific integration you’d like to see added, please contact us with details!

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Measuring DevOps Success Metrics: Pipeline Analytics, DORA & Spinnaker with Armory and Splunk

Learn how pipeline analytics are a necessary practice in all high-performing DevOps environments; how DORA metrics are an outcome of successful pipeline analytics; and how to implement DORA with Spinnaker and Splunk. Watch the Measuring DevOps Success Metrics webinar.