Armory Enterprise Managed

Armory’s enterprise-grade distribution of Spinnaker, installed in your cloud and managed by Armory engineers.

Armory Enterprise combines the power of the Armory platform with the ease and dependability of a fully-managed service. With the Armory Enterprise Managed product, Armory’s experts manage your Spinnaker installation, in your cloud, with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime. Save hundreds of thousands of dollars by freeing up resources to focus on building proprietary value, rather than troubleshooting your Spinnaker instance.

Armory is the top contributor to Open Source Spinnaker behind Netflix and Google, and its engineers have more experience than any others in implementing, upgrading, and maintaining Spinnaker — in production and at scale.

The Armory Solution

Our product is built on Spinnaker, the world’s most powerful continuous delivery platform.
Armory enhances and extends Spinnaker, providing:

Increased stability, availability, and security of the core platform

Powerful exclusive features such as Pipelines as Code and Policy Engine

Proprietary integrations to key services such as Terraform and Vault

And tons of other enterprise-grade features

Armory Enterprise Managed Services — Customer Story: Patreon

Armory Enterprise Managed

Benefits of Armory Enterprise Managed

Armory engineers maintain Spinnaker uptime so you don’t have to. Armory has the systems to find, troubleshoot, analyze, and fix issues before you even know they’re happening. You’ll get:

  • Armory installs Spinnaker in your environment
    • Kubernetes Operator at the core
    • Armory manages the Kubernetes cluster Spinnaker is installed in
    • Managed Sandbox & Production Spinnaker environments
  • Armory monitors Spinnaker 24×7
    • High availability
    • 1 Hour P0 incident response-time SLA
    • Identify and fix issues proactively
    • Notify in the event of critical issues and time to recover
  • Armory manages Spinnaker upgrades and patching
    • Armory will proactively notify customer prior to upgrades and patches
    • Upgrades are promoted from sandbox → production
    • Post-upgrade verification is executed each time
  • Backup and recovery management
    • Armory will regularly backup key Spinnaker data to enable point in time recovery
  • Enterprise-grade security & compliance
    • Continuous security scanning and CVE patching

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