Armory Agent for Kubernetes:
Kubernetes Deployments at Scale

Kubernetes deployments at massive scale, without the massive headache.

The Problem

As enterprises lean into Kubernetes adoption, they often run into a hard ceiling of deploying to a few dozen Kubernetes clusters with their current software delivery tooling. Beyond that, they begin to experience latency issues, and managing the growing number of accounts, configurations, and credentials becomes a logistical nightmare.

The Solution

The Armory Agent for Kubernetes, built on Spinnaker, enables you to deploy to thousands of Kubernetes clusters with ease. Its distributed, optimized caching model eliminates latency issues, while its decentralized account management design enhances security and empowers individual teams to manage permissions for their specific clusters.

Armory Agent for Kubernetes in 5 Minutes

Armory Sales Engineer Andrew Way demonstrates the Armory Agent for Kubernetes.

With the Armory Agent, You Get:

The ability to scale deployments to thousands of Kubernetes clusters with minimal latency and accelerated pipeline execution times.

Enhanced security through decentralized account management and the ability to keep your K8s API servers private from Spinnaker.

Improved usability, enabling account management at the team level and adding the ability to add new accounts on the fly without restarting Spinnaker

How the Armory Agent for Kubernetes Works:

The Armory Agent acts as a highly performant and efficient Kubernetes controller on behalf of Spinnaker’s Clouddriver service. The service is simple to use, with little operational overhead or changes in the way you currently manage Spinnaker.

With the Agent, Clouddriver is still in charge of storing infrastructure data into its cache, applying logical transformations, serving them to other services, and initiating mutating operations. The Agent, on the other hand, is in charge of:

  • Account management
  • Getting selected data from the Kubernetes API server to Clouddriver
  • Performing operations directly against the Kubernetes API server

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