The Armory Solution

Armory provides an enterprise-grade distribution of Spinnaker, the world’s leading continuous delivery platform. Our platform is packed with features, never forked, and always up-to-date with the latest innovations in open source Spinnaker.

Armory gives your developers the power to deploy, instantly and to any cloud, with built-in guardrails to ensure best practices, resiliency, security, and compliance.

Armory Provides:


Developer-friendly, application-centric insight into your services and infrastructure.

Armory is the single pane of glass for holistic visibility into deployments and application infrastructure, from the developer’s laptop through to live production environments. Our platform, built on Spinnaker, enables dashboards, logging, and live metrics to give you deep insight into the development, deployment, and operation of every service, in real time.

Developer Empowerment

Enable your developers to own their services from end to end; no ops expertise required.

Armory abstracts away infrastructure and deployment complexity, enabling developers to take ownership of their services without needing to become infrastructure experts. Spinnaker’s templated, repeatable pipelines provide guardrails so that your devs can deploy rapidly, safely, and in full compliance using a single, golden path to all production environments.


Reliable and resilient software delivery, built for developers.

Armory lets you deploy with confidence across all of your infrastructure, while minimizing the blast radius. One-click rollbacks and advanced deployment strategies, such as canary deployments, keep your services up and running so you can iterate quickly and never have to sacrifice safety for speed. Tight integration of your code with your infrastructure deployments and post-delivery monitoring tools give you unmatched consistency and reliability.

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Backed By Support from the Spinnaker Experts

With Armory, you get world-class support and training from the world’s experts in implementing and running Spinnaker at scale. Check out our plans here.

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