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Armory Design Partners

Get early access to new features; help shape the future of Armory.

Armory’s mission is to unlock innovation for our customers by unblocking the last mile of software value creation – delivery to production. In order to accomplish this, we have established a select group of Design Partners that are working collaboratively with us to define, test, and iterate on new features.

In this program, participants are given early access to new Armory features, and a strong influence in helping to shape the development and direction of those features prior to general availability. Participation in the program helps ensure that new Armory features best meet your needs and the needs of the broader Spinnaker community.

Benefits to Becoming a Design Partner:

  • Discounted rate off of the list price for the Armory platform
  • Early access to new Armory features like Armory Cloud
  • Direct influence on the development of powerful new features

Requirements to Become a Design Partner:

  • You have a desire and willingness to use new Armory features and provide regular feedback
  • You have at least one application team that’s already deploying their applications immutably in AWS (i.e., using Kubernetes, ECS, or HashiCorp tooling)

Collaborate from Code to Cloud with Armory