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I really like the plug-in; I think it’s fantastic… I don’t see anyone else doing that in the industry, which is really cool.

- Damian Myerscough, Software Engineer at Doordash, after previewing Project Borealis, Armory's new intelligent deployment solution in early access

The Problem We’re Solving

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Software developers should be able to focus on building code rather than deploying it. But, software deployment often is a complex and manual process that leads to customer outages and less time spent on innovation. The bottom line, it remains disruptive, time-consuming, risky, and unreliable.

Our Solution

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A hassle-free, zero-maintenance SaaS tool that orchestrates the automated releasing to multiple environments, that requires no migrations and that easily plugs into any SDLC. Trigger deployments by invoking a CLI from your existing CI pipeline–including GitHub Actions, Jenkins, Tekton, and custom shell scripts, to name a few. This can accelerate your velocity by enhancing stability and uplevel your development team to elite performance status – deploying 973x more frequently with a 3x lower change failure rate.

With the next-generation platform, developers can:

  • Use intelligent deployments to easily deploy with consistency to multiple Kubernetes clusters hosted across any cloud provider – or self-hosted;
  • Automate your entire deployment lifecycle to decrease your lead time for changes;
  • Easily deploy new versions alongside live versions;
  • Incrementally scale up traffic to the new versions;
  • Use automated canary analysis to ensure application health;
  • Decrease your change failure rate by ensuring existing tests always pass before deploying to production and/or before scaling up;
  • Effortlessly rollback to an old version to decrease your mean time to recovery;
  • Manage the deployment across multiple environments

Why Become a Design Partner

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1. You’ll have direct access to Armory’s product, engineering, and leadership teams

2. You will help shape the next-generation product roadmap to ensure you are solving critical problems for your business

3. You get early access to exclusive features and functionality

4. You’ll receive significant discounts when the product is launched and has general availability