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Become an Armory Design Partner

Armory is building the next-generation, intelligent deployment platform and seeking design partners to help shape the future.

Spots are limited so please apply now.

Apply for the Design Partner Program

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The Problem We’re Solving

Software developers should be able to deploy their code effortlessly, without writing scripts, managing underlying tooling, or worrying about whether their customers are going to experience an outage. But, software deployment often is a complex and manual process that leads to customer outages and less time spent on innovation. The bottom line, it remains disruptive, time-consuming and unreliable.

Our Solution

A fully-hosted and easy-to-use software delivery platform that allows teams to deploy to multiple clouds. Trigger deployments by invoking a CLI from any existing CI tool–including GitHub Actions, Jenkins, and Tekton, to name a few. This eliminates the need to migrate away from existing tools and minimizes disruption to an existing software delivery lifecycle.

With the next-generation platform, developers can:

  • Easily deploy new versions alongside live versions;
  • Incrementally scale up new versions;
  • Enable manual reviews prior to scaling up; and,
  • Effortlessly rollback to an old version

Why Become a Design Partner

1. You’ll have direct access to Armory’s product, engineering, and leadership teams

2. You will help shape the next-generation product roadmap to ensure you are solving critical problems for your business

3. You get early access to exclusive features and functionality

4. You’ll receive significant discounts when the product is launched and general availability