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Armory Cloud

Armory’s enterprise-grade distribution of Spinnaker, delivered as a SaaS solution. Apply for early access!

Armory Cloud is the SaaS version of Armory’s powerful enterprise-grade distribution of Spinnaker.

Armory Cloud brings you all of the benefits of Spinnaker and the Armory platform while streamlining onboarding, removing complexity, and eliminating the operational overhead of running, maintaining, and upgrading Spinnaker.

With Armory Cloud, you can get up and running with Spinnaker in minutes, your engineers can start deploying to production with ease, and you always have access to the latest Armory features.

The Armory Platform

Our product is built on Spinnaker, the world’s most powerful continuous delivery platform.
Armory enhances and extends Spinnaker, providing:

Increased stability, availability, and security of the core platform

Powerful exclusive features such as Pipelines as Code and Policy Engine

Proprietary integrations to key services such as Terraform and Vault

And tons of other enterprise-grade features

Benefits to our customers include:

Dramatically reduced operational overhead

Installing, operating, upgrading, and maintaining Spinnaker are all taken care of by Armory.

Accelerated onboarding

Start deploying to production with Spinnaker in minutes instead of weeks.

Shortened learning curve

Reduced complexity and improved usability make it easy for teams to master deploying with Spinnaker.

Simplified configuration

The Armory Cloud Console simplifies Spinnaker configuration, making it easy to fine-tune Spinnaker to your specs via the UI or APIs.

Immediate access to the latest features

Always be on the latest distribution, with the latest features; no manual updates required.

Offload your service time SLA

Armory’s Spinnaker experts ensure high availability of your Spinnaker instance.

Collaborate from Code to Cloud with Armory