How Certified Pipelines Work

Accelerate deployment velocity -- safely -- by automating and enforcing processes that validate a safe deployment
such as load testing, integration testing, security scanning, and canaries.

Define Policies and Assign Applications

Apply Policies to Pipelines to Certify Them

Features and Benefits

  • Define Policies

    What are all of the things that constitute a safe deployment inside your company? Define these steps in a "certified pipeline" to enforce that all deployments follow these standards.

  • Reduce Cost

    Reduce the cost of implementing deployment best practices like load testing, integration tests, security scanning, and canaries through native integrations with the tools you already use (or want to be using).

  • Accelerate Velocity

    Avoid or minimize the need for manual Change Control Review Board (CCRB) approval processes by providing application teams with Certified Pipelines for their use.

Prevent bad deployments with Armory Barometer

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