Armory vs. Open Source

Compare how Armory’s Enterprise Distribution extends Open Source Spinnaker

Armory Installer™ installs Spinnaker with High Availability enabled in multiple zones
Spinnaker installer in Beta
Production Readiness
Armory Lighthouse™ provides service monitoring, automated image analysis and configuration management
Release Management
Stable and tested Spinnaker releases
Manual installation with deb packages
Armory Barometer™ provides automated canary checks with smart rollbacks from metrics (e.g. Datadog or ElasticSearch)
Manual Canary checks
Auditing & Compliance
(coming soon) Easily link JIRA & Git to your deployment event logs, run audit reports, and view AMI ancestry.
Dedicated Slack, Jira, email & phone support. OSS bug fixes. Access to Armory knowledge-base. Premium Support provides on-demand access to a Solutions Architect up to 24 hours per month and at least 1 on-site training session per month. We prioritize our product roadmap based on your needs. We provide guidance on building your proprietary features that extend Armory Spinnaker™.
Community Slack/Mailing lists
Guidance for developing new integrations, or custom development by Armory itself upon request.
Administrative and end user training. Video resources available
Community documentation
Armory Service Level Agreement: 99.95% Uptime: Armory provides a pro-rated discount for Spinnaker downtime beyond 21.56 minutes per month
“By extending Armory Spinnaker we've reduced years of accumulated tech debt, allowing us to optimize infrastructure costs and deploy 10x faster.”
Alex Bello, Head of Platform, Lookout
“Armory Spinnaker enables intuitive deploys that reflect and enforce best practices, with full automation when we want it, and a human hand when we need it.”
Avram Lyon, Director of Engineering, Scopely

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