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Why Armory

Armory enables continuous software delivery at enterprise scale, powered by Spinnaker. Ship better software, faster, with Armory.

Armory Is Spinnaker at Enterprise Scale

Armory is the leader in enterprise-scale continuous software delivery. Our platform is built on Spinnaker, the de facto standard in cloud-native software delivery developed and open sourced by Netflix and Google, and battle-tested in production by the world’s biggest brands. Armory brings the power of Spinnaker to your business, coupled with enterprise-grade availability, powerful feature extensions, and 24/7 expert support and services.

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Deep Expertise

Armory’s Spinnaker experts are dedicated to helping you operationalize Spinnaker and start deploying software quickly.

  • Operating and Extending Spinnaker Services
  • Training and Support
  • Guaranteed Uptime SLA
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Deploy workloads to optimal targets across data centers and clouds, without impacting developer & business deployment workflows.

  • Manage Spinnaker Pipelines via Source Code
  • 1-Click Service Bootstrap
  • High-availability Configuration
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Built from the ground up to help you integrate more of your existing developer tools into Spinnaker.

  • 3rd Party & Custom Integrations
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Actionable Insights

A single-pane of glass view into your software delivery processes to ensure optimal performance of deployment pipelines.

  • Development Analytics
  • Developer Productivity
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Security & Compliance

Codify the necessary controls needed to meet stringent security requirements and compliance standards.

  • End-to-End Auditability
  • Air-Gapped Environments
  • SLA Management
  • FedRAMP & ISO

Open Source Commitment

Spinnaker is rapidly being chosen by enterprises as the open source software delivery platform used to modernize their application deployments. Spinnaker is hosted at the vendor-neutral Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) which serves as the home for the most important open source projects for continuous delivery and specifications to expedite the release pipeline process. As a founding member of the CDF, we are fully committed to maintaining this open development model and championing the widespread adoption of Spinnaker.

Learn more about Armory’s involvement in the Continuous Delivery Foundation →

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