Software Deployment Acceleration

According to Microsoft, deployment acceleration is one of the 5 Disciplines of Cloud Governance listed in their Cloud Adoption Framework governance model. Maturing organizations are seeking to improve their software deployment acceleration practices in order to be higher performing, release new features more quickly, and bring faster time to value for their customers.

What is Software Deployment Acceleration?

Software deployment acceleration is the process of speeding up deployment through a combination of optimized manual and automated steps. Some metrics organizations use to determine software acceleration are time to deploy and time to value. 

  • Time to Deploy – this metric measures the amount of time between when code is ready and when it goes live. This metric can help your teams improve deployment processes and tools.
  • Time to Value – this metric measures the amount of time it takes your new customers to get value from your software. The faster your customers see value in your software, the better for adoption, usage, and retention.

Achieving rapid acceleration with DevOps is a top success metric. Mature organizations such as Netflix, LinkedIn, Apple, and more commit 10, 50 or even hundreds to thousands deployments per day.

Source: DevOps

What is the Problem with Accelerating Software Deployment?

There are a few problems that can keep your organization from accelerating software deployment. As with so many things to do with deployment, the problems boil down to a combination of people, processes, and software. 

  • Too many barriers and manual steps
  • Lack of deployment and devops skills within your teams
  • Long feedback loops and slow time to value
  • Tooling that doesn’t reliably and efficiently support automated deployment workflows

How Do You Accelerate Software Deployment?

While your team might be very skilled at delivering new features and helping solve your customers’ unique challenges, they might be lacking in devops skills and tooling to optimize your time to deployment. To improve your team’s deployment speed (and ultimately help them reach faster time to value with their code), you should consider these steps:

  • Remove human barriers and manual steps whenever possible through automation
  • Support your teams with faster, more automated deployment tooling
  • Shorten feedback loops to decrease time to value
  • Choose deployment tooling that automates deployment workflows across multiple environments

Increase your software deployment speed. Get started with Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service for free today.

With Armory’s Continuous Deployment solution, LaunchDarkly’s deployment frequency has jumped from 4 times per day to 59 times per day (as of June 2022), an increase of 1475%. Just as impressively, DevOps capacity has increased by 250%. 

How Does Armory Help with Software Deployment Acceleration?

Armory offers best practices deployment solutions to help decrease your time to deploy and get you on the road to increasing your time to value. With Armory’s Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service, you get:

  • Standardized Deployment Pipelines – Templated pipelines (including pipelines-as-code stored in your git repository) increase automation, integrate quality assurance, and achieve consistency in software delivery, no matter your target environment.
  • Simplified Tooling – Focus on delivering development innovation instead of maintaining complex custom tooling and manual steps, while still integrating seamlessly with your CI tool of choice.
  • Faster Feedback Loops – Easily and quickly tie outcomes to specific code changes by frequently releasing small diffs, enabling rapid iteration while the code is still fresh in the developer’s mind.

What are the Benefits of Software Deployment Acceleration?

By achieving accelerated software deployment, your organization can experience the following benefits:

  • Faster software deployment
  • Faster time to value 
  • Shared knowledge, processes, and tooling across teams
  • Reduced risk
  • Lower delivery and infrastructure costs
  • More performant services with better operability and scalability

Who Benefits from Accelerated Software Deployment? 

When your teams are able to accelerate their software deployment processes, the entire organization can benefit.

  • Developers – instead of focusing on time to deployment, they can instead focus on what they do best—delivery valuable new features.
  • Business and Operations – when you’re able to speed up your software deployment, your organization can achieve faster time to value, better customer satisfaction, and improved operational efficiency.


Achieving sufficient software deployment acceleration can help your organization mature. If you are seeking to improve your software deployment acceleration practices, rely on Armory’s solutions to produce higher performing processes, release new features more quickly, and help deliver faster time to value for your customers.

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