Securely Achieve Deployment at Scale

Armory is purpose-built Continuous Deployment at scale so you can not only scale your applications and infrastructure, but also your business. Increase your stability, flexibility, and deploy as often as you need to, securely and reliably. 

Empower your business with optimal agility. Focus your development on creating experiences for satisfied customers, because satisfied customers lead to increased revenue and growth.

What is Continuous Deployment at scale?

Deployment at scale means your Continuous Deployment solution is performing optimally (i.e.: the four golden signals are all good), you’re performing at the elite end of the DORA metrics, and your team managing your CD solution is minimal and focused more on your business then it is managing CD tooling.

Deployment frequency is the top success metric for deployments, selected by over half (52%) of engineering and operations leaders. The majority (54%) of IT leaders cited manual steps and poor workflows are holding back improving deployment frequency.

Problem: CI ≠ CD and Open Source is never free

Jenkins and other CI tools are designed for Continuous Integration, not Continuous Deployment. Post-build items that come after continuous integration, such as deployment, promotion across environments, impact analysis, and rollbacks are challenging in Jenkins and CI tools. They rely on the heavy efforts of Platform Engineers to script out the requirements that ultimately end up leading to complexity and fragility. They do not enable deployment at scale.

Even open source deployment tools still require manual effort and custom code to deploy to multiple clusters and environments – promote the deployment across environments – require custom packaging to roll out the deployment, require you to conform to the Git structure they enforce, and require you to install on every cluster and update each time there is a new feature or update available. None of which help your team focus on your competitive advantage and scale your business.

If your development team is busy creating custom code for internal operations that doesn’t solve your customers’ challenges, they’re not creating value for your business.

Armory’s Solution: Purpose-built Continuous Deployment at scale

Armory was built to enable continuous deployment at scale with the ability for developers to self-serve, with no migrations required, and no custom code required; so developers can leverage progressive deployment strategies, automated impact analysis, one-click rollbacks, and automated environment promotion; all with the security and governance needed to keep you compliant and secure.

How It Works

  • Leverage the power of Git and deploy your code from any branch; when you merge back to your main branch, automatically deploy staging environments, validate code, then deploy all production environments.
  • Deploy to multiple clusters, regions, environments, accounts, and clouds; and jointly decide whether to proceed or rollback for all
  • Leverage any automated test or observability source to complete Impact Analysis throughout your deployment, not just at the production deployment stage.
  • Deploy any set of Kubernetes objects together, without changing the existing packaging
  • Update all tightly coupled services at once! Roll them back together with one click.
  • Key metrics are collected from both the baseline and canary deployment. These metrics are then used to determine if there is a difference between the canary and the baseline.
  • Traffic management integrates with a service mesh you are leveraging to precisely route the traffic you want to the pods and versions of your choice.
  • Horizontal Pod Autoscaling converts the deployment to a ReplicaSet and automatically deploys your new application version at the same capacity currently supporting the old version.


Automating your deployment process means that you simplify operations, accelerate your time-to-market, and decrease your risks for change failures that cause customer outages. In short, you improve your developers’ experience and your customers’ experience, faster.

Who it Benefits

  • Platform Ops – get rid of hard-to-maintain custom tooling done on top of CI tools, to provide release automation.
  • Application Devs – No need to figure out how to deploy or how to optimize your deployment and ensure all tests before code reaches production. Focus on writing great code. Commit. Deploy. Repeat.
  • InfoSec – ensure all security scanner pass before every commit, before code reaches production, and ensure compliance with deployment best practices and controls.
  • Executives – Save money with cheaper and easier-to-maintain tooling, reduce the risk of outages that impact your customers; maintain SLAs, focus your resources on building your unique business value.

Summary: Automate your deployments without scripts and manual efforts

  • CI tools are not built to scale and stabilize your deployments.
  • Homegrown solutions are never free… you’ll always need resources to maintain and manage.
  • With Armory, you can scale your business by automating your deployments while decreasing deployment risks and ensuring an improved developer and customer experience.


What does deployment at scale mean?

Commit. Deploy. Repeat.

Continuous Deployment at any scale, for all developers.