Use Cases

Automated Canary Analysis

Scale your deployments and business efficiently and achieve the growth you are looking for. Armory’s Automated Canary Analysis takes automation and intelligence end-to-end, providing you with confidence that your deployment is safe and reliable, every time.

Deployment at Scale

Armory is purpose-built Continuous Deployment at scale so you can not only scale your applications and infrastructure, but also your business. Increase your stability, flexibility, and deploy as often as you need to, securely and reliably. 

Empower your business with optimal agility. Focus your development on creating experiences for satisfied customers, because satisfied customers lead to increased revenue and growth.

DevSecOps and Risk Mitigation

Armory’s Continuous Deployment solutions eliminate the reliance on manual security processes by integrating with security test suites and automating security scans, promoting deployments to production only if all tests and scans pass. Safely share and version your configurations for faster, more reliable, and secure deployments when integrating with the top Vaults like HashiCorp, and automate the creation and enforcement of the policies that govern your software and infrastructure deployment. Deploy to production knowing you are secure and compliant.

GitOps and Declarative Deployment

Armory provides declarative deployment with a GitOps experience so developers can focus on building great code, not deploying it. Declare and version control your deployment configuration and strategies in your application code repository. Make updates, collaborate, build, and deploy on commit with ease.

Kubernetes Deployments

Deploy any set of Kubernetes objects together, to multiple clusters, without changing the existing packaging, while managing the environment promotion automatically and jointly deciding whether to proceed or rollback for all.

Multi-cloud Environment Deployments

Deploy to multiple environments and jointly decide whether to proceed or rollback for all.

Public Cloud and Kubernetes Migrations

Automate your deployments to multiple clouds and cloud services, and manage automatic environment promotion across multiple clusters with ease. Ensure minimal to no downtime during your public cloud and Kubernetes migrations so your customers continue to have a great experience, while you also manage and cut your costs.

Software Deployment Resilience 

Software deployment resilience is essential for any organization that requires scalable, high-performance, and reliable software. Software deployment has often been considered one of the toughest parts of the entire software development lifecycle. Development teams need to consider both deployment and rollback processes when accounting for resilience, but it’s not easy to predict what could cause an issue. 

Scaling Jenkins, Homegrown, and CI Tools

Chances are that if you’ve landed on this page, you’re looking for solutions to your Jenkins or homegrown CI/CD systems scale challenges. At Armory, we have purpose-built continuous deployment solutions that help your business scale efficiently, letting your developers write code that adds value and keeps your customers happy, not just code that keeps your CI/CD running.

Automated Deployment

Deployment automation allows organizations to increase their software deployment velocity through automated builds, processes, testing, and releases. With an automated deployment approach, organizations can launch new features more quickly and more often.

Software Deployment Acceleration

Maturing organizations are seeking to improve their software deployment acceleration practices in order to be higher performing, release new features more quickly, and bring faster time to value for their customers.

Developer Empowerment

A development team that is empowered is a benefit to your entire organization. They feel connected to their work, invested in success, are able to make the right decisions, and can work efficiently and independently. Empowered developer teams are often happier, code better, and release features more quickly, helping show your business value faster.

Commit. Deploy. Repeat.

Continuous Deployment at any scale, for all developers.