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We’re building a tribal culture that includes the people we work with and those that support us in our personal lives.

  • daniel



    Expertise: Startup CEO, B2B enterprise sales

    πŸ‘“ Armory Manifesto

    Passions: Kiteboarding, mountain biking, health hacking, being a dad

    Past: General Electric TLP, Socialize (exit), AppMakr (exit), ShareThis
  • ben

    Ben Mappen


    Expertise: Building amazing products, growth hacking

    πŸ‘“ Multi-cloud deployments with Spinnaker

    Passions: Building startups, SF Foodie

    Past: Adara, Techcofounder (exit), LeanLaunchLab, ShareThis
  • isaac

    Isaac Mosquera


    Expertise: Building happy & productive technical teams

    πŸ‘“ Complex pipelines with Spinnaker

    Passions: Mountain biking, scoping out delicious chix wings

    Past: XM Radio, Socialize (exit), AppMakr (exit), ShareThis
  • andrew

    Andrew Backes

    VP Engineering

    Expertise: High velocity principal engineer, dev pipelines

    πŸ‘“ Chat about multi-cloud deployments

    Passions: Creating winning chess algorithms, building autonomous vehicles

    Past: ExxonMobil, ShareThis
  • matt

    Matt Nunogawa


    Expertise: Long experience programming for the web and mobile devices, trying to find innovative solutions for human problems..

    πŸ‘“ Help Us Build Armory

    Passions: I'm a tea addict.

    Past: CollectiveHealth, Electric Imp
  • kevin

    Kevin Woo

    Software Engineer

    Expertise: Engineery Things

    πŸ‘“ What Armory customers are saying about Spinnaker

    Passions: Motorcycles + Curvy Roads = Heaven

    Past: Luxe Valet, Google, Diamond Resorts
  • laurie

    Laurie Percival

    Engineering Recruiter

    Expertise: Hiring, Startups, Making life fun!

    πŸ‘“ Work Somewhere Awesome

    Passions: Running, cooking, reading and learning something new each day

    Past: Wittlebee, Lalawag (exit), Sales and Merchandising
  • paul

    Paul Clegg

    Senior Engineer

    Expertise: Data modelling, software analysis and meme generation

    πŸ‘“ Help Us Build Armory

    Passions: Rally racing, games, geeking out on Star Wars

    Past: 20+ years of tech startup experience (with acquisitions by CSC, Yahoo and
  • alex

    Alex Bello

    VP Product

    Expertise: Building platforms, digital transformation

    πŸ‘“ Stages of Software Delivery Evolution

    Passions: Hiking, producing music, cooking, burningman

    Past: Lookout, Lithium, IronKey
  • david

    David Parrish

    Enterprise Account Executive

    Expertise: Sales & business development

    πŸ‘“ How Spinnaker fits into the Continuous Delivery puzzle

    Passions: Running, Cooking, Travel

    Past: OverOps, DoubleDutch, ClearSlide
  • ethan

    Ethan Rogers

    Sr Community Engineer

    Expertise: Spinnaker, Kubernetes & Containers

    πŸ‘“ Deploying Helm Charts with Spinnaker

    Passions: Disc Golf, Hiking, Swimming in Rivers

    Past: Skuid, SupplyHog, Azalea Health
  • future

    Honey Smith

    General Administration

    Expertise: All things admin; I'm like Dobby (but I've already got socks!)

    πŸ‘“ Work Somewhere Awesome

    Passions: Reading, movies, gaming, ALL THINGS POP CULTURE, GoT

    Past: Luxe, Credit Sesame, Staffing
  • Nicolas

    Nicolas Cohen

    Staff Engineer

    Expertise: building useful products

    πŸ‘“ Life Before & After Spinnaker

    Passions & Interests: cooking, traveling, tennis

    Past: Workfuze, Ascentis, IBM
  • mark

    Mark Rampton

    Software Engineer

    Expertise: Automating and streamlining processes, fixing and improving things

    πŸ‘“ Accelerate: Why Continuous Delivery requires DevOps

    Passions: Cycling (road and mountain), running, backpacking, traveling and trekking

    Past: Palantir, Astrid
  • brandon

    Brandon Powell

    Software Engineer

    Expertise: Automating all the things!

    πŸ‘“ Spinnaker: Single Pane of Glass for Software Delivery

    Passions: Playing and making video games, cooking and traveling

    Past: Oakland University
  • brandon

    Michael Goldman

    Enterprise Sales Rocket

    Expertise: Freestyle rapper, customer shmoozer, engineering partner, solutions seller, Father, warrior

    πŸ‘“ How Progressive Engineering Leaders are Innovating Faster

    Passions: My children, food, community, SF Giants, traveling, dancing, singing out of tune, #hashtagging

    Past: NASA, BlazeMeter, Mercury Interactive, Clicktale, Baskin&Robbins
  • future

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Armory HQ is located at

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