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Professional Services

Spinnaker expertise, on demand.

Whether you’re evaluating open source Spinnaker, or Armory’s enterprise edition, our experts can help you get up and running successfully. We bring engineering, solutions architecture, implementation, and training resources to bear to ensure that your organization is successful with Spinnaker.

Executive Alignment Sessions

Armory will run an onsite session with up to 12 people including engineering leadership, managers, and individual contributors to:

Assess Value Stream and Maturity

Armory surveys your engineering organization, maps out your existing state of software delivery, produces a value stream map and roadmap of activities required to improve software quality and enable your digital transformation.

Align Stakeholders

Armory creates alignment between your stakeholders regarding organization’s goals, current state and recommended plan to achieve business goals through cloud-native transformation. Armory engages all stakeholders to clarify your organization’s desired future state, prioritize goals, and frame challenges and opportunities across three dimensions: cultural transformation, process change, and technical solution capabilities.

Session Output

Armory will create an action plan, ranked by return on investment and sequenced into consistent and realistic phases for your organization.

Install and Operationalize Spinnaker

Armory will install Armory-managed Spinnaker or self-managed Spinnaker in your environment, and do the following to operationalize:

Tire Change

Baseline Installation:

  • Integration into existing systems: Jenkins, CircleCI, Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, S3, etc.
  • Authorization and authentication
  • Change management integration: Jira, ServiceNow
  • GitOps & Secrets Management for Spinnaker
  • Notifications
  • DNS & SSL
  • Registries integration
  • Artifact repositories: Artifactory, Docker registries, Nexus

High Availability and Production Readiness:

  • Disaster recovery: Run Spinnaker across multiple regions in active-passive mode
  • Monitoring, alerting, integration test suite, and upgrade path

Application Migration from Data Center to the Cloud

Armory migrates your applications from your data center into your cloud(s) of choice, and sets up Spinnaker deployment pipelines into production environments.

Step 1: Lift and Shift your apps into the cloud, while maintaining their existing deployment methodologies. This is a good first step to get applications out of data centers. Application changes are minimal, if any. Typically the fastest way to migrate to the cloud.

Step 2: Monolith to microservices (if required). Refactor code to remove intertwined dependencies. Create separate repositories and deployment pipelines for each microservice. Separate data model dependencies from each service.

Step 3: Make your applications cloud-native (if required). Move state to the edges of the applications. Enable applications to take advantage of immutability. Migrate state to your cloud’s managed stateful services.

Step 4: Containerize and transition apps to Kubernetes, ECS, EKS, AKS, GKE, etc. (if required). Convert applications from data center legacy configuration into containerized definition. Define configuration, secrets and application using container orchestrations declaratively.

Application Onboarding onto Spinnaker

Armory will onboard one or more of your immutable applications and get it deploying to a production state:

Car Ramp
  • Deployment strategies: Continuous verification (canarying), automated rollbacks, promotion through environments, blue/green deployments
  • Integration testing
  • RBAC and approvals
  • Integrations: Terraform, Jira, ServiceNow
  • Notifications: Slack, email, SMS

Leverage Armory Solutions Architects to review your app architecture, structure pipeline best practices, etc.

Custom Feature Development

Armory helps you build new functionality into Spinnaker to meet your company’s specific needs, via custom integrations in your Spinnaker installation:

Custom Paint Job
  • Integrate Rapid 7, SignalScience, Sonatype security scanning as native pipeline stages
  • Auditing dashboards
  • Compliance and policy enforcement
  • Canary data providers
  • Advanced deployment analytics
  • Developer efficiency metrics at an individual and team level

Other custom integrations can be defined jointly based on your business requirements.

Armory can also provide dev, integration and release environments to enable open source development by your internal teams.

Get to Software Delivery Nirvana with Armory.