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Spinnaker Community

Engage & learn at the focal point of Continuous Delivery.

Armory plays an active leadership role in the thriving Spinnaker project, and as part of that commitment, we strive to catalyze the DevOps community as they discover, learn, adopt, and extend Spinnaker.

Join Us!

  • Visit to join Spinnaker Slack, which brings the entire community together in one place. Use this vibrant workspace to ask and answer questions, connect with other operators and users, meet SIG leaders, and more.
  • Check out the Spinnaker Meetup page to look for a Meetup near you! Come together with the Spinnaker and wider DevOps community to talk solutions.
  • Visit the Special Interest Group (SIG) Index for a current list of community-initiated groups. SIGs collaborate on features, fixes, and decisions around specific aspects of Spinnaker. Attend a meeting to get involved, ask questions, or soak it in.
  • Visit the Spinnaker website for documentation, training, and community news. Curious about how enterprises win by delivering software with Spinnaker? The Success Stories page features case studies, testimonials, and videos from real champions.

Get to Software Delivery Nirvana with Armory.