Spinnaker for Financial Services

Financial Services engineering teams around the world leverage policy-driven software delivery with Spinnaker

Ranging from Banks, Credit Card Companies, Credit Rating Companies, Financial Services, & Insurance to FinTech

Safety & velocity, together.

In an increasingly digital world, DevOps practitioners at financial services firms are being challenged to figure out how to innovate with the speed of a digital-native startup, at the scale of a large enterprise, with the security & safety of, well, a bank.

To achieve this goal, financial services firms are investing tens of millions of dollars in tooling, infrastructure, and headcount but are missing the fundamental problem; security & compliance policies that block developers at the end of the delivery process, instead of empowering and informing them from the start. 

Many leading financial service providers are solving this challenge with Armory and our enterprise-grade distribution of Spinnaker. Armory flips the deployment paradigm on its head; we provide Policy-Driven Deployments that build security and compliance into the very start of the software delivery journey, resulting in both increased safety and greatly accelerated speed.

Key Armory Features

Automated Security & Compliance Enforcement

Easily establish and enforce automated, uniform compliance and security policies that eliminate risk while empowering dev teams.

Advanced, Resilient Deployment Strategies

Create a resilient software delivery process with blue/green deployments, automated canary analysis, and automated disaster recovery.

Holistic View of Your Apps & Infrastructure

View and manage your applications and infrastructure across multiple targets and clouds from a single pane of glass.

Multiple Targets, One Tool

Purpose-built for complex multi-cloud, multi-target deployments, Spinnaker lets you define a single, ideal pipeline that deploys your code to the cloud or on-prem target of your choice.

Codified Deployment Pipelines

Enhance developer productivity & deployment safety with automated, pre-blessed pipelines defined as code in your Git repo, deploying both apps and infrastructure.

Simplified Tooling

Keep your developers focused on delivering innovation instead of maintaining complex custom tooling and glue code.

Collaborate from Code to Cloud with Armory