DevSecOps & Compliance, Automated

Turn compliance and security requirements into guardrails, not gates.


Built-in security and compliance guardrails, so your devs can innovate with speed.

Data security has never been more critical, and the myriad of regulations and compliance rules have never been so complex. Most companies attempt to address this problem with dedicated security and compliance teams, combined with an ever-growing list of policies and procedures. New software deployments slow to a tortoise pace, yet misconfigurations and deviations from policies still happen.

Armory embeds automated security and compliance capabilities throughout your entire software development lifecycle (SDLC), ensuring end-to-end policy enforcement while allowing your developers the freedom and flexibility to deploy with velocity.

Key Armory Features

Automated Policy Enforcement

Enforce organizational policies within your software delivery pipelines to eliminate exposure to risk.

Secrets Management

Integrate with common stores like Hashicorp Vault to manage secrets and protect sensitive data such as tokens, passwords, certificates, and encryption keys.

Automated Security Testing & Patching

Uncover vulnerabilities early and ensure your systems and data are protected by incorporating automated security validation & patching in your software delivery pipelines.

Change Management Auditing

Comprehensive end-to-end audit trail and analytics of all changes to software delivery across all of your applications.

Role-based Access Controls

Ensure the necessary access controls are in place to protect production applications from unauthorized actions.

Disaster Recovery Automation

Create a resilient software delivery process with automated disaster recovery across all of your applications.

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