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DevOps Security, Mastered.

Don’t let compliance and security needs impact software quality and deployment velocity.

Build a Secure Foundation for Software Innovation

Security risks are everywhere. Further complicating matters are stringent requirements set forth by compliance standards such as FedRAMP, PCI, and others. In order to ensure the right levels of security controls are in place, engineering organizations are implementing DevOps Security (DevSecOps) practices that focus on ensuring the rapid deployment of secure, high-quality software. Armory provides the automation, internal controls, and security capabilities you need to ensure developers and operations work closely together to ensure the right level of security is embedded across every phase of the software delivery lifecycle (SDLC).

Automated Security Patching

Automated patching across all of your applications to ensure you consistently patch issues and vulnerabilities.

Change Management Auditing

Comprehensive end-to-end audit trail and analytics of all changes to software delivery across all of your applications.

Security Test Automation

Uncover vulnerabilities early and ensure your systems and data are protected from malicious players by incorporating automated security validation in your software delivery pipelines.

Role-based Access Controls

Ensure the necessary access controls are in place to protect production applications from unauthorized actions.

Secrets Management

Integrate with common stores like Hashicorp Vault to manage secrets and protect sensitive data such as tokens, passwords, certificates, and encryption keys.

Policy Enforcement

Enforce organizational policies within your software delivery pipelines to eliminate exposure to risk.

Disaster Recovery Automation

Create a resilient software delivery process with automated disaster recovery across all of your applications.

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