Developer-centric Continuous Delivery

Empower developers to own their services; built-in guardrails maintain safety.

Developers need to own their services, from code to the cloud.

Implementing a modern, DevOps model for your team involves making developers responsible for the services that they create. But siloed systems and infrastructure-oriented software delivery tools are major impediments to achieving this goal.

Armory & Spinnaker provide your devs with a purpose-built, application-centric software delivery platform that enables them to deploy and own their services from end to end; no infrastructure expertise required. And don’t worry – built-in guardrails enforce safety, and security policies make sure your services remain highly available.

Key Armory Features

Single Path to Production

Codify a single, golden path to production so that devs can deploy from Day 1, with built-in best practices learned across your organization.

Automated Policy Enforcement

Help keep your devs from accidentally going “off-road” by automatically enforcing organizational policies within your software delivery pipelines.

Holistic View of Your Deployments

View and manage your cloud and on-prem infrastructure across multiple targets and clouds, with a single pane of glass.

Target-Agnostic Deployments

Abstract away infrastructure complexity and deploy to any target using a single pipeline.

Deploy Your Own Infrastructure

Manage infrastructure for your application deployments declaratively and uniformly within Spinnaker with reusable, version-controlled code.

Advanced, Resilient Deployment Strategies

Out-of-the-box deployment strategies and automated canary analysis minimize the impact of bad deployments and encourage rapid iteration & innovation.

Collaborate from Code to Cloud with Armory